AMD Ryzen in Laptop: Is it worth buying or not

AMD Ryzen in Laptop: Is it worth buying or not

Is AMD Ryzen in the laptop is worth buying?

AMD just launched some new laptop CPUs, the AMD Ryzen 4000 series. And they are very impressive. They are legitimately very powerful CPUs for laptops. There are however a strange number of articles that ‘this is the end of Intel, Intel’s dead’. But it’s so not the case.
So we research Intel and AMD just to understand what both companies think of each other in terms of the industry, where is the laptop industry right now. So this article for people that are interested in buying a laptop in 2020. Because that’s not as clear-cut as it may seem. It’s not like dumped Intel everyone should be buying AMD Ryzen laptops. That’s really not the case.

Multi-Core Processing:

First of all these new AMD chips are the real deal. For certain users for people that can actually take advantage of multi-core processing, these chips are great. So for some workflows that really makes so much more sense to purchase one of these new AMD Ryzen laptops, then what Intel has to offer right now. In the past regardless of how much like marketing AMD threw into their laptop stuff, they were never good.
And you can tell from the manufacturers’ side, they never put AMD chips in the past into their premium laptops. We just never did it any time they used an AMD chip in one of their laptops, it was usually some kind of like plastic more value-oriented device. But this all changed a few days ago because now we’re seeing some very premium devices being made with these AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Power Efficiency:

The reason behind, why this chip is so special and so good is because it’s the world’s first 7-nanometer processor. And the key here is power efficiency. They are able to push up a crazy amount of performance per watt. It’s given these new chips some very serious legs. And it’s also provided some competition, finally in the laptop CPU space.
There are a couple of things you need to be aware of is that these chips are really good for content creation. That’s seriously the best by far the best feature of these new AMD Ryzen chips. It doesn’t really matter which application you’re using because 8-cores are almost always going to be better than 4-cores or 6-cores when it comes to content creation.

Gaming of AMD Ryzen Laptops:

The other thing they drew attention to was gaming. But we’re talking about gaming with the integrated graphics on these new AMD Ryzen in laptop. We’re seeing a decent performance like way better than what Intel offers in their current integrated graphics solutions. But keep in mind that these are still integrated graphics.
These are not representative of actual gaming laptops. So the real strength of these new AMD chips really just lies in their ability to process in multi-core applications like actual workflows. But in budget gaming, AMD Ryzen processors are good than the intel processors.

Battery Life:

Another thing is the battery life. So we spoke to some of the guys from AMD. The 7-nanometer chips from AMD Ryzen in laptops are so much better than what they’ve had in the past. Because in the past the chips in AMD Ryzen laptops were really poor with idle State battery consumption. They are much improved but Intel stuff is still better. And the biggest thing comes from just years of optimization.
Intel has spent so much time working with this architecture and working with laptop manufacturers to be really good at battery consumption. And the companies out there that are making laptops are designed to last as long as possible are going to stick with Intel chips. But the thing is the trade-off for most people seems to be worth it. You just get so much better performance with 8-cores in a laptop than 4-cores.

For Apple User:

Apple users, if you’re someone who’s always been interested in AMD, based MacBook Pro, it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Apple’s software is just way too finely tuned for intel’s hardware that it sounds really cool only on paper.

Pricing of AMD Ryzen in Laptop:

Now two kind of bigger picture thoughts here. The first thing is the pricing AMD. In the past has always been cheaper, when it comes to their laptop offerings. But because they know that they have something good here, the pricing. It’s not that expensive. But because they know that they have something comparable. If not better than what Intel is pricing for a high-performance premium device.

AMD Ryzen in Laptop: Is it worth buying or not

GPU Performance:

The second thing is Intel’s response to all of this has been Tiger Lake. And Tiger Lake has one clear advantage to me it’s the GPU performance. What we’ve been told that the Tiger Lake CPUs are supposed to have a significantly better GPU than what even the Ryzen 4000 chips have. So here’s the take on this whole like laptop industry right now.


In the year 2020, we finally have two real competitors. Companies making compelling devices or compelling components for laptops, it’s nice. If you’ve been holding off on a laptop upgrade this is the year for doing it. There’s just a lot of cool stuff on the table if you’re a content creator the 8-core stuff from AMD just makes a lot of sense, if you’re a gamer or if you’re looking for a more productivity-focused device or really like a student that just wants a really long battery life in their laptop.

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