Call of Duty Online - Free COD Warzone

Call of Duty Online - Free COD Warzone

Call of Duty Online Warzone: Review

Call of Duty war zone is for the call of duty modern warfare. But it can also be downloaded as a standalone free to play the game. Straight up it’s a blackout or battle royale but for modern warfare. It does come with some slightly new an interesting little hooks. We figured we’d take a quick look at it if you’re in the call of duty. It’s still like battle royale this might be for you. It’s free to a plaything that you might have found passing the time with just.


It’s a single map and the war zone is squad-based battle royale. You in a group random or friends pick a spot on the map and parachute in. There’s a circle of poisonous gas that is, of course, inching closer and closer. And your run around you finds loot and guns to prepare yourself and fight your way to being number one. This game has been played on PC and Xbox both.

Mechanics of Call of Duty Online:

You’re also getting the gunplay in-game mechanics and systems from modern warfare which I thought when it released. And still think now those are very very solid systems and gameplay mechanics. Love the feel of the guns, the movement, and the new engine. There are mountains and woods and flat farm fields. But there’s a lot of buildings and a lot of tall buildings. And being able to climb a lot and use your parachute and stuff really gives the game a lot of height in fun and interesting ways.
You at least always start off with a pistol but you. Of course, run around and raid buildings and quickly pick up guns of all kinds. Either floating around in rooms or in these loot crates that usually pop a bunch of stuff at once. You can pick up a gas mask to help save you from the gas or even a one-time use drone or airstrike or a couple of other things. Also keeping yourself armored is important to you pick these up.

Call of Duty Online - Free COD Warzone


 It is a really good system which is good for a game call of duty. As big as it does have a lot of casual people playing who might not have a mike and a headset and stuff like that. It takes up as the ease of use stuff from apex legends as the best ways for the technicians. Marking enemies, marking items, highlighting certain areas. That stuff feels a lot like apex in that regard a lot but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Because Apex Legends is pretty good. So there’s a looting element that but it all boils down to just who is a crazy fast-twitch shooter who can shoot who first that’s call duty.
It’s always been that way but being prepared with certain tools definitely does help a little bit. This is where the cash money system comes in. Players you killed drop money that some houses and some rooms have piles of it and you can find it in crates too. Save all your money and find it by stations randomly on the map. There you can buy back one of your dad squadmates or buy some armor to be prepared if you’re down. Little things like that will give you the advantage of the slight leg up you might need if you come down to like the final ten players but the big one is to buy a loadout drop request.

Call of Duty Online - Free COD Warzone

Weapons of Call of duty online:

It’s your tools that want to emphasize that the weapons the throwables and even your loadout perks some with the just in rules for the mode. It’s the stuff you’re used to, it’s the stuff you probably been grinding out on the multiplayer forever. So it’s pretty good to have this is just a really clever inclusion, in my opinion. It’s a nice little hook. And I’m all about it helps really tied the game in. And makes your loadout that you spent so much time on feel kind of like the ultimate grail.

Call of Duty Online - Free COD Warzone

The Gameplay of Warzone:

I can’t emphasize just how satisfying how effective that is. Another good way to earn that money in-game and kind of keep things a little more engaging other than just crouch walking through a field is the contracts. These are like little things on the map that you pick up and give me a little side objective. Sometimes it’s simple as just go here or find this crate and then find another crate. Sometimes it gives you a marker and makes you kill a specific player or recon and take over a certain building. Executing these not only shakes up the flow of things quite a bit but it gives you that money that you want and you need now is not only is it nice to spend on low down to be more prepared than others like I mentioned before
But buying like certain high in tackles like an airstrike in and just making it rain is also very very satisfying works with this flow because not only is it just about being the best player it’s about being a savvy and smart player as well. It’s also a bit more engaging because you get a nice second chance you get killed and then you get this cut scene where you’re captured by the enemy is a lot of sense but I don’t know you’re thrown into what is called the gulag, you’re basically now in dead player jail. 

1 V 1 in Call of Duty Warzone:

The game really really smartly forces you to play one superfast go of gunfight, the awesome mode from modern warfare. It’s one vs one in this jail in a very small confined map. That is very reminiscent of the old modern warfare days. Also straight-up ripped from the rock. They drop you in with a random weapon that both you. And the other player has and the time is really brief and you go. It’s exhilarating and it’s so much fun and winning and getting to drop back in a second time. And rejoin your friends is such a great feeling that I can’t emphasize that enough.
If you get in there and there’s a queue. You get to observe the matches from your jail cell above it. And just like punch other players and throw rocks while you wait. It’s really dumb kind of like PC survival game stuff that I just really appreciate that. That’s the unique stuff that I do like about this experience. The parachutes it’s a lot of fun as well. Because thankfully like a few other FPS open environments games. You can just redeploy your parachute whenever you want. It’s really generous you don’t need a lot of high so it’s great for the verticality.

If you’re really high up you can release your shoot and then fall mid-air and shoot an ATS while falling and then redeploy your parachute again and flow down to safety and that’s just awesome and really dumb and fun. The map itself is okay like it looks kind of generic you’ve probably seen a lot of it by now.

Collecting Money in Call of Duty Warzone:

Also, the other new thing I want to point out that accompanies this is plunder mode this is more focused on getting and collecting the money, and whoever gathers up the most and brings it back to safety wins. This is still in the big battle royale map so it’s still crazy in but I have a few more layers to it.
You get the money and you go to do like a dark seven divisions style drop off to a helicopter or you get lucky enough to find a little Fulton balloon type thing to instantly deposit some of it. It’s a bit more of an accessible mode of call of duty online, there’s the response so it’s a good way to kind of get your feet wet and learn the map or just something else to play if maybe you suck it battle royale and you’re tired. You can play plunder mode and have a little bit more fun. 


Couple bits a criticism. I still don’t like the way the vehicle controls. Also, I mean it just makes you totally a sitting duck on the radar. It shows you it so maybe avoid them. But the way they control. I’m still just not really happy with I had much worse. But I think a game that’s as polished as the call of duty like control-wise. I think they can do better. Also, the waiting area lobby seating is like a weird waste of time. You know they take the time to do the whole drop sequence. Only for you to land. Then usually instantly the match starts the actual match. It just feels weird and messy and definitely confusing for first-time buyers. I just prefer the old PUBG style having everyone standing around and punching each other.

Call of Duty Online - Free COD Warzone

If there weren’t so many other games releasing right now. I’d probably find myself hopping into this and playing call of duty online. It more from time to time. Because I had some fun and of course. These games are always more fun with friends but it’s pretty simple. It’s straightforward it’s a good time if you already own modern warfare chances are your games already updated with it. Either way, of course.

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