Console Gaming vs PC Gaming: Is the Console Gaming best

Console Gaming vs PC Gaming: Is the Console Gaming best

Is console gaming is better than PCs?

The Xbox series X and PlayStation 5 announcements that happened this week. They are coming with great specifications. Console Gaming vs PC gaming, which is the best?


Console gaming revolves mostly around the hardware this time. Both of these systems have incredibly strong Hardware. Not just for a console but just incredibly strong Hardware period. If you tried to build a PC with this kind of stuff, if you have an 8 core CPU in there and a 10 to 12 teraflop GPU in there, it’s not cheap. You throw in a 1 terabyte SSD like that is a high-end gaming PC. Which is that stuff is expensive.

If because this is a console, it is probably gonna sell for 35000 to 45000 Rupees, it’s not gonna be super expensive. It is the price of a decent graphics card. If you want to upgrade my PC for the price of just a graphics card, you can get a whole gaming console system for 40,000 Rupees, that’s incredible.

Set-up of Console Gaming:

Also, there are very clear advantages to console gaming. If you’re not particularly savvy with the tech, you can just go into a store pick it up. But the whole simplicity of console gaming is one of its biggest appeals. There’s no friction you go into a store pick up the system set it up you’re done. You’re playing games.
There’s no research, there’s no getting sweaty over which component to pick. You don’t want to watch tech tips to figure out, how to build your PC. You’ve been playing that game within minutes of bringing that system home, because of how easy everything is to set up.

Gaming Titles:

There’s also the advantage of Gaming titles. You can have exclusive titles on consoles, but the big thing is pricing. Consoles tend to be way cheaper to get into than a gaming desktop. But after this announcement and looking at all the specs from the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X, how impressive everything looks right now.

Specs Announcement:

The specs do look good. But there’s also the timing of these announcements relative to component announcements, like CPUs and GPUs for desktops. We’re kind of on the tail end of that product cycle right now. So we’re gonna see refreshes in both graphics and CPUs for desktop PCs really soon over the next month or two.

Console Gaming vs PC Gaming: Is the Console Gaming best

So as impressive that this stuff looks right now, by the time these products actually launch when the Xbox series X and the PlayStation 5 actually come out during the holiday season. They may be not as impressive as they look right now.

Pricing of Consoles:

Another thing pricing. These devices are going to be remarkably inexpensive at launch. But they’re designed to be lost leaders at launch. These products are designed to pull in customers into their ecosystems and to keep them there. The reason why they’re comfortable eating dirt on their console pricing is that they’re gonna sell you games which they don’t want to pay like Steam or the epic game store.

Hidden Costs in Console Gaming:

They’re selling you accessories, they’re selling you those monthly passes be able to play online. They will make their money elsewhere. They’re very comfortable selling you these cheap consoles to start. Once you’re in that ecosystem you start spending some money on games, spend a couple of hundred bucks, or maybe in a thousand bucks, you can’t leave. You can’t take that library and just go somewhere else. You got to stay with whichever console you got that thing for.

The companies are working on backward compatibility that’s why it’s so important to them. That’s why all the companies are alike, we’re supporting our older games because if you don’t support them you’re basically telling your customers to burn their entire library of older games.
But the point is that there are hidden costs when it comes to these super cheap console. They are very appealing and they’re super cheap for the type of hardware you’re getting, but it’s for a reason.


The marketing around like the 4k or even 8k gaming that can come out of these systems is very ambitious. This hardware can push out that type of framerate. It usually doesn’t happen. If you look at the current consoles, they are already capable of four cases see like the Xbox OneX and even the PS4 Pro. They can push at 4k 60. But not a lot of AAA developers push out that type of framerate with those systems.

It’s because the average AAA developer chooses higher-quality graphics instead of higher frame rates. After all, that’s the stuff that sells. If you look at PS4 commercials or Xbox commercials that stuff looks crazy good because they focused on image quality, not frame rate. It’s actually very difficult to sell high frame rate gaming to the average person, not everyone appreciates that stuff. So if you’re someone that expects 4k or even 8k gaming.

Xbox One X:

Microsoft, in particular, has said that they’re not gonna be making any first-party exclusives for the first year on the Xbox series X. So it means is that any game that comes out with the launch of the Xbox Series X is going to also be available for their Xbox One and possibly PC as well.
And what that means and that in the bigger picture is that if you’re a developer you have to kind of cripple your development ambition for those games. You can’t make some super crazy stuff that works with the Xbox series X, because it has to work with the older stuff as well.

Sony PlayStation 5:

They don’t have that rule, so they have some developers that will be making games specifically for PS5 and no other system. It just not exclusive titles but it’s going to only work on the PS5, not even the PS 4 Pro.
So games at launch are gonna look better with the PlayStation 5 than the Xbox series X. Not the series X is gonna look bad or anything but just don’t think that they can push that hardware as hard as the PlayStation 5 guys can at launch.

Ray Tracing in Console Gaming:

Another really interesting thing was that both consoles are gonna support ray-tracing. That’s huge in the past. The only ray-tracing that was available was on PCs like the 1% of PC users that had the high-end cards that could support ray tracing. But now developers have a huge group of people that have ray tracing capable hardware, so it’s just way more incentive for developers to put ray-tracing elements into games.

Console Gaming vs PC Gaming: Is the Console Gaming best

We’ll just see a big jump in the uptake of ray-tracing tech which is awesome. Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are gonna be big. They’re gonna move that needle for gaming hardware and the gaming experience in ways that no consoles have done in the past.


The idea of an SSD is changing the nature of console gaming. It’s gonna be good. Especially for people that are really into console gaming. But if you’re one of my viewers that you know you’re normally in our console gamer. But you look at this stuff with interest because you know the tech is gonna be good.
The hardware is comparable to what PCs offer. You know the price tag is probably gonna be quite good. Just remember price like that for a reason. A really good console but a console.

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