Dell XPS 13: The best ultrabook available in 2020

Dell XPS 13: The best ultrabook available in 2020

Dell XPS 13: Is this the best ultrabook available in 2020?
The Dell XPS 13 from 2020. It’s also the device that often recommended to people. For people that just don’t know a lot about computers they just want like an easy recommendation. It’s just a really good product line from Dell. It’s not super expensive. They improve on it every year and just most people can enjoy this product quite readily. So I look at this thing critically. I look at this thing through the eyes of someone that would want to use this thing as my main computer. Now they revamped the Dell XPS 13 this year. Last year was already really good but they completely redid it. They improved a lot of features. But they made a few things less good.

Design and Aesthetics:

This thing is incredibly nice-looking. Its small, compact, lightweight. This year went for the black carbon fiber model. There’s something about the way that Dell does its very unique carbon fiber. It’s soft to the touch it’s durable. Tts inviting to use. A lot of people enjoy the way that the black carbon fiber feels on this device. The white models they look nice but they’re not as nice to use because they don’t have that soft-touch material that the black carbon fiber does.

Dell XPS 13: The best ultrabook available in 2020

Ports of Dell XPS 13:

This year they only include two USB ports. There’s one USB on the left and one uses PC on the right, that’s it. Last year’s model had a third USB. There are some devices out there like that 12-inch MacBook that only have a single port but if you’re someone that connects a lot of devices to their laptop you’re gonna have to get some adapters. There’s also a headphone jack on the left and an SD card slot or a micro SD card slot on the right. If you’ll notice they’re missing the light indicator for the battery. So they used to have this button you could press to check on battery life. and now it is gone.

The hinge of Dell XPS 13:

One thing on this machine that was very unique or new this year. You can open the device with one hand. It seems to be something that people wanted. It’s not super important or super valuable to have that feature but can see being useful in certain scenarios. It’s more the fact that they spent the time and effort to engineer the hinge so it could be done like, they certainly didn’t need to add this feature at all right all the XPS 13 is in the past they’d never been able to do these people still bought them. But it’s nice that they did it this year.

The screen of Dell XPS 13:

The screen has also been changed. This is now running a 16:10 aspect ratio instead of the more traditional 16:9 is just a little more vertical space. It’s a 13.4-inch screen. This is a nice aspect ratio for this type of device. The screen is bright. It’s got pretty good color accuracy. It’s a nice screen. It does not, however, have touch sensitivity. There are some configurations that people have to pay quite a bit more to be able to have that feature.

Dell XPS 13: The best ultrabook available in 2020

The Webcam:

The webcam is up top it’s in a good spot again this year. The 2020 model supports Windows hello. So you can log in to Windows with just your face biometrics. It’s a nice and wonderful screen. If you don’t want to use face ID you can also use your fingerprint sensor. That’s at the top of the keyboard.

The keyboard of Dell XPS 13:

It’s a redesigned keyboard. We are partial to the layout of the XPS 13. So its always enjoyable how they’ve positioned their keys. They’ve tweaked a couple of things for one the left and right keys are now full-size keys instead of those half keys from the 2019 model. So you don’t hit the page up and page down by mistake. Some people won’t like this. 
If you’re someone that uses page up and page down frequently and you were used to the position and you wanted physical dedicated keys you now lose that. You now have to hit function up function down. But the layout on this thing most people will enjoy it. The keys themselves feel awesome. These feel wonderful. They’re bigger keys of Dell XPS 13 9370 than last year’s model they’re responsive the key travel is nice. A lot of people will enjoy this keyboard.

The Trackpad:

This is also slightly bigger this year of Dell XPS 13 than it was last year .it’s not a huge trackpad. It’s appropriately sized for a 13-inch Ultrabook. the tracking is good. it’s got windows precision drivers but the click it’s different this year. it’s like a thump you’re quieter sound still feels solid like you compared to last year’s model this is 2019 one .it’s just a louder sharper click first of the thump ear.


The sound of the speakers on Dell XPS 13 is ok. Over the years laptop manufacturers have ruined laptop speakers. Because they always market them with these like fancy names and these fancy brands to make people think that their crappy speakers sound good. This year there are good they’re way better than last year’s model. way better than the vast majority of Ultrabook speakers out there. It’s because of wattage these are 2-watt speakers instead of your standard like one or one and a half-watt speakers. they are not as good as MacBook speakers. but if you care about the sound you won’t be disappointed by these.

Dell XPS 13: The best ultrabook available in 2020


Dell did a really good job considering what’s going on here and a fin and light ultrabook like this. it’s running 10th gen Intel chips. these are similar in CPU performance to last your stuff but the graphical performance is noticeably better. it’s still not great for gaming right even something like overwatch, not a particularly demanding game. It doesn’t run all that well. It’s playable but it’s gonna stutter here and there .if you wanted to have your stuff it still can’t compete with an H Series chip from Intel and to see an AMD chip in this chassis that would be awesome .but performance, on the whole, is quite good.

Thermal System:

The thermal system in this year’s bottle is slightly improved compared to last year’s model. so if you take a look at the inside there are quite a few things that have changed but even the back panel has been upgraded a little. so this grille here used to be made out of plastic and it was something that could be easily broken when you’re opening the device. it’s now part of the machined aluminum bottom panel. so inside we see two fans that are in a different position this year than they were in previous years. they’re now on the left and right so you get more even heat dissipation.

Wi-Fi Card and RAM:

Wi-Fi card is on board you can’t replace that, unfortunately. it’s a killer Wi-Fi card which I know it’s based on Intel’s hardware but. it’s got some software stuff do you have to finagle with.
The RAM is soldered on can’t replace that. but the SSD thank goodness is still replaceable. They would bake these things on board because their newest XPS 13 2 and ones had them built into the motherboard but this is still replaceable.


The SSD they include is from SK Hynix but you can easily upgrade that if you want. and if you look on the left and right you can see the antennas they just have them out in the open on this particular model.


The battery down here 52-watt hours. they haven’t changed the size but still getting a comfortable 10 hours on this particular battery. If you get a higher resolution screen it’s probably less but 10 hours on the 1080p model without a touchscreen. The other thing noticed on this device is that the headphone jack assembly is separate from the motherboard instead of a jack that’s just built into the motherboard.


This new Dell XPS 13 so on the website they have the cheap model starting at around 95,000 Rupees but that thing is 4 Gigs of RAM. A Dell XPS 13 with only 4 gigs of RAM, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s disrespectful to the consumer to have something like that available on your website. When every other manufacturer out there putting 8 gigs of RAM as a minimum in their base models. They did a really good job on this year’s Dell XPS 13. They did a whole bunch of improvements is a nice looking machine and recommend it for anyone interested in a device that does all the Ultrabook stuff.

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