iOS Vs Android - Which is the best Operating System?

iOS Vs Android - Which is the best Operating System?

The market share for phone operating systems is of iOS vs Android. Where Android controlling just over 75 percent of the market and iOS with slightly below 23 percent. Kai OS and a couple of others like Nokia’s OS were next with a negligible market share. It’s become a matter of incontrovertible fact that during this world there are Android fans and iOS fans.
But which OS is basically the best? That’s what iOS Vs Android we’ll attempt to determine for you.

History of Android:

Before we get to the pros and cons of iOS vs Android, let’s first have a look at history. We’ll start with Android.
The company Android Inc. was founded in 2003 by a bunch of guys. But the one you’ve most likely heard of is Andy Rubin. At first, the thought was an OS developed for digital cameras, not phones. But soon the creators changed their minds and announced that their technology would soon rival Microsoft Windows Mobile. It’s been reported that they were so broke, they couldn’t afford to pay for their office space. 
Google, however, did believe their OS and purchased it from Android Inc. along with key members of the company.

iOS Vs Android - Which is the best Operating System?

We saw a bunch of various versions of Android. These were “Cupcake”, “Donut”, “Eclair”, and “Froyo”. Later we got “Kit-Kat.” you would possibly be wondering why computer software was named after things that you simply eat. Google later answered that saying it had been because the mobile devices running this software made life sweet. The primary Android phone was the T-Mobile G1, or HTC Dream.

History of iOS:

Now for the iPhone and iOS. In 2005 the one and only Steve Jobs had an enormous job to try to – shrink. The Mac and make the right handheld device. In 2007. Apple announced this new phone alongside its OS. The primary of the systems was called iPhone OS 1. And in contrast to Google, Apple didn’t choose sweet-sounding names and just kept counting up in numbers. Thus far we’ve only mentioned phones. But as you recognize both operating systems run on various mobile devices.

iOS Vs Android - Which is the best Operating System?

The first iPhones were praised as a spectacular device. And only added to the mystique of Jobs who for a few was sort of a techno-god. iPhone was a sleek, fantastic, innovative, and outstanding device for surfing online.
This was the very fact it had been so darn expensive, coming in at a base price of $499. Compare that to the primary Android phone which launched at $179.

iOS Vs Android - Which is the best Operating System?

Market Share of OS:

If you check out the historical market share of operating systems of iOS vs Android. You’ll find in 2009 Android was barely getting out of the blocks and iOS was ahead. The OS called Symbian. Employed by a bunch of massive manufacturers like Nokia was before them both, but that soon changed.
We will say, though, that over the years iOS has taken some small dips and rises but mostly it’s stayed quite stable. Only lately has the iPhone been during a little bit of trouble. That might say something about its dedicated users over the years. But since about 2013 Android has enjoyed an 80 percent market share, give or take a touch now and again. No one can deny that Apple has very devoted fans, but it’s impossible to contest that Android is the king of the market in iOS vs Android.

Lists of top Smartphones:

Well, now it seems Samsung phones running Android top the list, although some lists do include the iPhone XS. It doesn’t matter where you look. Samsung Galaxy phones top the lists immediately, with various sorts of Galaxy phones. Filling most of the highest spots give or take the odd Huawei phone. Some of the top ten lists right now don’t even include the iPhone. Which is surprising given similar lists you would have found published a few years ago.
It looks like these days that sleek design is just too expensive for some people and they think you can get a better machine for a cheaper price with an Android phone. This still doesn’t tell us which is the best operating system, though.

iOS Vs Android - Which is the best Operating System?

Variety and Quality:

The first thing most people point to is that Android gives the buyer more variety. That’s why it sells better, there are with great care many phones out there with all types of features and in the least prices. But it’s quite that the amount of apps available for Android is approximately 3.5 million. While for iOS it’s 2.5 million. Because there are more free Android apps and a greater variety.
A minimum of one reviewer says Apple has better quality apps, especially if you play games. Some people also say that Apple is best at removing questionable apps than Android. Therefore the App Store is best to navigate than the Play Store. 

Maps in iOS vs Android:

Another big deal is mapped. We checked out a couple of comparisons of Apple Maps and Google Maps. Not one person said Apple Maps was better. Most reviewers did say that Apple Maps is recuperating and better and isn’t far behind. But in the end, you only need to accompany Google.

Battery Life of iOS vs Android:

What concerns tons of individuals, too, is that the battery life of their device. It’s an enormous thing as nobody likes seeing their battery run out on them. They actually need that phone working.
Again, it’s all about variety. The iPhone doesn’t have a nasty battery in the least. But you’ll find many Android devices out there with a superior battery.

Security and Updates:

The experts the general public agree on this one. It’s looking like Android wins in most areas, but where Apple looks to be superior is offering updates. When it involves adding new features, some bug fixes, and also security updates, Apple is ahead.

Customization of iOS vs Android:

Two other things talked about are how you’ll customize your phone and the way easy it’s to use. In terms of customizing, Android just has more options, as you’d expect when there are numerous phones.
But in terms of sheer simplicity, most of the people seem to think that Apple wins here.

Reselling Value:

But what if you would like to sell your phone and buy a replacement one? Which system holds its value better? there’s just one answer to the present and nobody disagrees. It’s the iPhone. you’ll still get a reasonably decent amount of cash for a phone two years old.


In the end, it looks like most of the people said that it’s all about personal preference. There’s no definitive better OS. If you prioritize the volume of choice and range of customization, then you’ve got to travel for Android. But if you value design and simple use then you’ll ’t fail with an iPhone…if you can afford it.

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