iPad 2020: With proper Mouse and Trackpad support

iPad 2020: With proper Mouse and Trackpad support

iPad 2020 has proper Mouse support:

iPads have very powerful hardware. The build quality is great, the software improves. It’s felt always like something was missing. But this year Alfa brought something to the iPad 2020 OS that changes things. They finally brought proper mouse and trackpad support for iPad 2020 OS. Now they’ve always had some kind of improper assistive mouse support for iPad iOS ever since it launched. But it now feels fully attached to the system. It now feels something that is an integral part of the operating system.

iPad 2020: With proper Mouse and Trackpad support

Mouse UI in iPad 2020:

Apple didn’t just how fast this thing. They don’t just throw a cursor in color today. They spent the time to build a proper mouse UI that works well with the existing touch-based interface. And that’s the thing that makes it difficult. When you have a product that has been touch-based or primarily touch-based, ever since its inception like ten years ago. It’s difficult to throw in a mouse cursor and have it work properly. That’s one of the reasons why they took so long to do this. But it’s quite good now.


So the cursor transforms based on the context. It’s limited right now because it’s new. But basically, if you’re floating around doing nothing it’s the circles you can click on apps, you can click on websites. But if you’re over UI icons it’ll react differently. So if you’re over pull-down menus, it’ll react a certain way. If you over text, it’ll turn into that like vertical text editing cursor. So it’s easier to select text. And it does take time to get used to. It’s an unconventional cursor. It changes shape and translucency as you move around. It’s not something that our eyes are used to. So it takes a little bit of time to adapt to its tracking. But once you get it and once you understand it and it’s just a different way of using a cursor on a screen.

iPad 2020: With proper Mouse and Trackpad support

Some people that look at this, this is wrong. This is not how cursors should be. This is not how mice and trackpad it should be. With computers, you gotta try. You spend 15-20 minutes using this, it’ll make sense. And the reason why it works is that this is primarily a touch-based device. You can just throw on a traditional mouse cursor on there and expected to feel like a proper UI in the iPad 2020.


It’s a mouse that clicks very well. So over content will give you context menus, if it supports. Multitasking is way faster, you can move your menus around very efficiently. There’s a lot of support of gestures and stuff just works quite well. You can use either Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth trackpad or even use be connected mice. But any kind of workflow, we’re hands are on a keyboard just not on the screen, it went to interact with your workspace without lifting and touching it. It’s just way better to have a trackpad or mouse than to rely on a touch screen on the iPad 2020.


Now certain things don’t work perfectly yet. There are apps where the cursor should be pixel-precise like in photoshop or procreate. But right now those apps don’t have a brush or a tool for the cursor. It’s still just the default circle. But I’m sure the developers will update those apps soon. In excel you can’t shift-click if you want to drag multiple cells. You have to click that dot in the corner to select multiple cells.

But there is something that may be a bit of a problem. A lot of these apps were developed with touch inputs in mind. So in excel, you can’t press the different cells super quickly. You have to wait in between a little bit. There’s a kind of a refractory period before you can click, the different cells. And it’s great when you have touch inputs because then you can’t miss click or double click by accident. But when you’re using a mouse, very proficient with excel and you can click quickly, then there is still that wait time in between each click. So some apps are going to be updated to take advantage of the faster interaction that most users have with their apps.

Overall Experience in iPad 2020:

It is a kind of a first-generation magic trackpad from Apple. The tracking works perfectly fine. But the vertical scrolling doesn’t work. This is something that software can fix. But only certain trackpads can do vertical scrolling right now on the iPad. The overall experience other Bluetooth mouse or a trackpad connected to the iPad, it’s like it’s an experience that rivals the traditional laptop. It’s different but it’s comparable.

iPad 2020: With proper Mouse and Trackpad support

App Development:

When the developers look at the iPad, they think should we make an app for the iPad, should we spend the resources, effort, and time to make an app for the iPad? And for some developers, that’s a really tough decision. Because the primary method of interaction with this machine is your finger or the apple pencil. Neither of those is ideal when it comes to certain applications. But now because they have proper support for this stuff for Meissen trackpads, there’s an incentive.


So your developer where your primary app is like on a desktop. And you have a huge user base that is used to mice and trackpads, as the way of interacting with your app or using your app. Now there’s a real incentive to put that up on this thing. Now your user base can just put it on this iPad and they can use it right away. There are apps out there like Luma Fusion of video editing apps for the iPad.

iPad 2020: With proper Mouse and Trackpad support

It’s huge to ask for the average user to use that thing with an apple pencil. It can be done but most of the video editor would prefer this stuff instead of fingers and pencils to chop videos. And this is the magic of support when apple supports hardware like this. It just makes developers so much more motivated to put proper apps professional apps on the iPad. And because the hardware so powerful developers do like there’s just so much more potential.


Now the iPad has proper support for mice and trackpads. But if someone that wanted the iPad to turn into a Mac that’s not what this is for. The iPad will always be an iPad. It is just this breathes new life into all of the iPad to get softer. This now has much more productivity and usability.

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