Laptop Buying Guide 2020 [India] - Before buying a Laptop

Laptop Buying Guide 2020 [India] - Before buying a Laptop

Do you want to buy a laptop? Confused which laptop have to buy. Then you are in the right place. We will show you how you can choose the Laptop Buying Guide 2020. Choosing the right laptop for your work is very important, we should have to know how much we have to spend to buy a perfect laptop according to our requirements. It can be for anything, for example, personal work, professional, business purposes, or gaming. It is not the laptop budget, actually, it is your need that how much and what you need on the laptop. Laptop Buying Guide 2020.
If you want to stream, we recommend you go for Dekstop Computer. Don’t go for a laptop, until you are a travel guy. Laptops are not considered as best for streaming an all because of its small cooling system and small exhaust, which are not capable enough for cooling down the system.

Things you should know before buying a laptop!

Laptop Buying Guide 2020 [India] - Before buying a Laptop

Operating System

I. Display

The display is the major thing on the laptop. Now the question is that only the size and resolution are matter in the display. The answer is no. It is not only the size and resolution which are matter on the laptop. Some other major factors also matter. Like viewing angles for watching movies, videos, and color, contrast matters for video editing and photoshop. IPS Panels are considered as best displays.

1). Entry Level

For basic use choosing, standard size and resolution are enough. The standard size of laptops is 15.6 inches and resolution is 1920×1080, which is also known as Full HD Display or 1080p. They are the most suitable size and resolution for common use at home or schools. In India, you can get entry-level laptops between 20,000 to 25,000 Rupees.

2.) Traveling

If you are traveling a lot with a laptop then 11-14 inches laptops are the best choice for carrying along with you. They are lightweight and also powerful in some cases. Due to the small screen size, they consume a little bit less battery than other laptops. Longer battery life also benefits for a traveling guy.

3.) Gaming and Streaming

If you are thinking to buy a gaming laptop, there is also the standard size but most of the time there are 17.6 inches gaming laptops. Big massive displays build for gaming. But for gaming, there is not only the size matters. Some other important things also matter, which is the refresh rate. The gamers consider refresh rate as the major thing on displays for gaming laptops and PC also.
The refresh rate makes a great difference in competitive games like PUBG, COD, and other battle royal games. The display mainly comes with 75Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz refresh rate. 60Hz is the refresh rate for standard laptops. If you want to buy a gaming laptop go for a 144Hz refresh rate screen for the flawless gaming experience.

4.) Editing

For editing and productive stuff, you need at least standard size and resolution but it is not the only thing that you need to make a difference to your productive work. There are contrast and color accuracy that make a lot of improvement to your work. If you are doing professional work then little things make a lot of diversity. IPS Panels are best for photoshop and video editing. If you want a laptop for editing, invest a little more. Professionals get advantages features like color accuracy, wider color gamut, and HDR standards.
For editing, performance is the first thing display comes after, because for rendering your project performance matters. Laptop Buying Guide 2020.

II. Performance

Performance matters the most if you are doing anything on the laptop other than common work. Don’t buy a laptop under 20,000 Rupees. They are not capable of doing much and gets hang anytime. Push your budget and buy a laptop that provides good performance to you and capable form much performance as you need. Here you can get an idea of how much performance do you need from a laptop or which type of laptops can provide enough performance for your work.


Now here is the main point that comes in most of the time in the buyer’s mind that which processor is best for them AMD or Intel processors on the laptop. It depends on you that what are the requirements you have for your work. We will clear your all doughts here.

1.) Entry Level

Both companies provide good processors for laptops. If you are on a tight budget like around 20,000 go for basic AMD processors, they provide you a better number of cores and threads, which improves the performance of your laptop. But we will recommend you to increase your budget because you literally need the performance even for basic work on the laptop. If you are on a budget around 25,000 to 30,000 Rupees go for intel processors like i3 7th gen, which provides a great performance.
Don’t consider laptops of old AMD processors, because of their heating issues, and the exhaust and the cooling system is not that much famous in those laptops.

2.) Gaming and Streaming

For gaming and streaming, you can consider both the processors. Both processors provide great performance for gaming and streaming. AMD processors are a little bit less expensive than Intel processors when it comes to gaming laptops. You can go for Ryzen 5 for AMD processors. If you want to buy a laptop of intel than go for an Intel i5 processor. They are enough for gaming. If you also want to stream on a laptop then choose a laptop that contains better processors then Ryzen 5 and Intel i5. You go for Ryzen 7 or i7 processors. Stream takes a lot of heavy loads, so avoid buying a laptop for streaming. We suggest you buy a desktop that is recommended for streaming.

3.) Editing

Professional editing needs performance for rendering and heavy loads. If you want to buy a laptop for professional editing, then you need a laptop of great performance. A laptop for editing needs a powerful processor like Intel i7 or Ryzen 7 of AMD on the laptop. Only the processors can give you enough power to generate your result on time.


RAM is the primary memory of the system. It is the first memory that needs to run your laptop and make run fast your laptop. Don’t count only the size of the RAM, not only the size but speed also matters in RAM on the laptop.

1.) Entry Level

For entry-level you need at least 4GB RAM into your laptop to run enough fast your laptop. Buy a laptop that has at least 4GB RAM because the software that we run nowadays needs more ram than before. Browser like Chrome needs a lot of RAM to run. The speed of the RAM is enough from 1600MHz to 2100MHz.

2.) Gaming

Gaming standards are also becoming high day by day. So minimum recommended size for the RAM is 8GB for gaming standards. Below 8GB is not enough for gaming. Speed it could be 2100MHz to 2400MHz. For better experience buy a laptop of 16GB of RAM for gaming.

3.) Editing

For editing the recommended size of RAM is 16GB. Greater the size of the RAM greater the performance you get in editing and multitasking.

Graphics Card

1.) Entry-level

You can use integrated GPU for the basic use of entry-level laptops. It cut the cost of the laptop and good into your budget. But remember you can’t upgrade your GPU. It has to be what it is. If you are around 30000 Rupees budget for your laptop then buy a laptop that has AMD GPU. It affects the performance of your laptop.

2.) Medium Range

You can also go for MX 150, MX 250 of NVidia’s graphic cards for medium 30 FPS gaming. They can run the game in a medium setting and gives 30 FPS. You can also go for Ryzen 5 3500u laptops. It comes with an integrated GPU but it also can deliver you 30 FPS gaming in medium settings in 2020.

2.) Gaming

For gaming, there are several graphic cards available for laptops that can run games in high setting 60 FPS. That is enough for gaming most of the time. Like GTX 1050, GTX 1060, it goes up to GTX 1070. But nowadays you can get a laptop that comes with RTX graphic cards, which support Ray Tracing Technology. They are a little bit costlier but they provide much flawless gaming and stunning graphics.
The memory of the graphics card that you should use is to be 4GB because the size of the video memory that is recommended for the latest gaming title is 4GB in 2020.

III. Operating System

The operating system is not important for most users, but actually, it will going to effects a lot of users until now. It is important that what type of user you are to choose an operating system. Windows most of the time is good for students, offices, and some of the basic use. If you want to do some editing and professional work then iOS making a lot of difference for you.
It is actually built for that kind of work, but the drawback is that you only get paid software most of the time. In windows, you always found an alternate of that software but not in iOS. For Indian users, it is windows most of the time because they can’t buy expensive software.
You can also go for Chrome OS of chrome book, Linux operating system, or DOS system. In DOS you can install Windows on the laptop later and get some of the discounts on DOS laptops.

IV. Storage

Storage is the most common thing, and nobody cares about the laptop but actually affects a lot in performance. There are four types of memory in the market, you can see the laptops have HDD, SSD, or Hybrid of HDD and SSD or NVMe. Now it is essential that which memory you have to choose. There is also NVMe storage for gaming gives superfast performance to transfer files.

1.) HDD

Hard Disk Drives: If you need only storage capacity, then HDD is the very best option. The hard disk drive is cheapest and provides a large space for storage in comparison to another type of storage.

2.) SSHD

Solid State Hybrid Drive: It is between HDD and SSD, hybrid storage drive. It gives as good speed as good storage capacity. It is the best thing you can get at a medium price range of laptops.

3.) SSD

Solid State Drive: It gives the best speed in your laptop for gaming, and it also decreases the booting and loading time on laptops.

4.) NVMe

It is the latest technology in storage. It is best for heavy users and professional work. But it is costly and super fast too.
You can find here which type of laptop you can buy within your requirements and in your budget.
We also provide the advantages and disadvantages here for the laptop in every budget segment. Laptop Buying Guide 2020.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Entry Level Laptops

Advantages:- Affordable Prices, Good for Watching Movies and Browsing
Disadvantages:- Not for heavy work

Laptops for Travelling

Advantages:- Lightweight, Consume less battery
Disadvantages:- Short screen size

Laptops for Gaming and Streaming

Advantages:- Powerful, Best for heavy users, Premium Quality
Disadvantages:- Expensive, Heavyweight

Laptops For Editing and Streaming

Advantages:- Comfortable for long use, Best for Professional Editing
Disadvantage:- Expensive

Brand of Laptops:-

If you are confused between brands then you can choose any reputed brands, there are many reputed brands like HP, Dell, Asus, and Lenovo.
HP and Dell are considering for medium-range laptops, whereas Asus considering for gaming laptops. Laptop Buying Guide 2020.

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