MacBook Pro 16: Is it the best option available

MacBook Pro 16: Is it the best option available

MacBook Pro 16: Is it the best option available in 2020?

The new MacBook Pro 16 the best laptop that Apple has ever made. A lot of people so the 15 inch MacBook pro that this replaces was their previous highest and best laptop and it was pretty good in some ways but it had real problems.

MacBook Pro 16: Is it the best option available

Improvements that Apple did in MacBook Pro 16:

It had thermal overheating problems, it had keyboard problems so this new version of their highest-end Pro laptop is better in every way and fixes specifically those problems. They’ve derived on the MacBook Pro so they fixed the keyboard and made it better. They made the laptop slightly thicker and gave it a bigger battery. They fix the thermal performance issues and they gave it a bigger screen with thinner bezels. Most of the design is still the same but as you may have heard the new 16 inch is slightly bigger in every dimension than the 15-inch MacBook Pro, it still fits in most of the same backpacks and sleeves.

Weight and Keyboard:

The slightly higher weight is notable. It’s around 4.3 pounds now instead of 4 but for what you get out of this slightly bigger chassis. We start at the keyboard. It’s no mechanical keyboard or anything but it’s this new version that has switched back to the scissor switches. It’s a significantly better typing experience than those old butterfly keys. They should be more durable and they’re just generally better to type. So you’re back to getting more confident key presses even when you’re not necessarily pressing in the center of the key.

MacBook Pro 16: Is it the best option available

They also change the layout a bit. The escape key is now separate from the touch bar thankfully which that touch bar still seems to freeze all the time and the touch ID sensor the power button is also now separated on the right-hand side. Now have the inverted T layout for the arrow keys which people seem pumped about.


The slight extra thickness gives it a bit more room for a larger battery the largest legally allowed battery for domestic flights in U.S. a hundred watt-hours. The battery life has been excellent especially when you’re not pushing it. If you’re editing in Final Cut Pro, yes the battery life is still going to be trash or if you’re doing anything heavy like that. But of course, you might as well just plugin if you’re doing something like that.


Also the new brick, it comes with is a 96 watts. This is what tends to become like Universal charge, everything fast charger for USB type C so the laptop, iPad pro, phone, Sony wireless headphones, they all charge via a USB type-c. It’s like the universal fast charger that just works with everything right.

Specifications: MacBook Pro 16

So the specs of this laptop here we have the Intel Core I 9 we have 64 gigs of ram. We have these new graphics cards and 4 terabytes of storage. There’s also an option to go up to 8 terabytes of storage. Which is honestly incredible and it’s not even that overpriced.
The order of upgrades should probably always be GPU first, the new graphics are excellent. The RAM and you can go up to 64 but it starts at already 16 gigs. CPU is the same overheating I9 CPU as the last model. But now because this laptop is a little bit thicker and in a bit of a larger footprint, the heatsink is a bit bigger and the fan blades are a little bit larger.

Thermal Efficiency:

They have some room to rearrange components inside in a way that landed at 28 percent better thermal efficiency and that’s allowed the MacBook Pro to stay at higher clock speeds from much longer durations without throttling down. It also just seems like it’s less afraid to just spin up the fans quickly whenever it needs them. It just is loud sometimes so the difference is you’ll notice improvements under sustained loads.

MacBook Pro 16: Is it the best option available

Microphone and Speakers:

They’ve improved the built-in microphone with a much better signal-to-noise ratio so you listening to right now. It’s really good for a laptop webcam not gonna deny it’s studio-quality but it’s very good. The speakers are also improved. They are incredible. They are good and this loud. You can just fill a room with music or listen to videos loud.


Apple may do this around the next-gen that Intel 10th gen and that would be fantastic but we’ll just have to see but yeah in the meantime overall this is the best laptop they’ve ever made.

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