MacBook vs Windows Laptop: Which one you should prefer?

MacBook vs Windows Laptop: Which one you should prefer?

The most controversial topic in tech, MacBook vs Windows. Firstly let’s roll back the clock a little, Apple was falling behind PCs due to lack of performance caused by their reliance on the PowerPC processor rather than the Intel line. But in 2006 Apple made the switch starting to roll out new Intel-based laptops. In the performance playing field, apple was producing phenomenal machines, high-end hardware, upgradeable components, and plenty of ports fairly lightweight and with key innovations like the Mac safe port. They had a stable modern operating system.

Which one is better and you should prefer MacBook vs Windows?

MacBook Pro 15 as it had the best balance of power and portability. Gaming on the Mac has a poor experience. Microsoft and PC manufacturers were not sitting still Windows 10 were substantially more unified than Windows 8 and after frequent updates became very stable and applications adapted to new standards including supporting high-resolution displays. Also, Microsoft’s bold bets began to mature and became useful including touchscreens two-in-ones pen support and Windows Hello biometric login.

PC laptop manufacturers also substantially improve the quality of their offerings with several standout devices including the first Dell XPS 13 with infinity display, gaming laptops with high refresh rate displays like the razor blade or the incredible surface book 215 which at the time parents powerful components in a high-quality chassis. 2019 was a rough year for Windows laptops, the MacBook Pro 16 was released. Almost identical form factor to the older 15-inch but with a larger 16-inch screen, improved keyboard new powerful components, great speakers, and more storage for the same price.

CPU performance:

Apple, especially in the MacBook Pro 16, does an excellent job of getting the most performance out of a slim machine drawing only 100 watts of power. And the same does apply to their smaller machines like the MacBook Pro 30 but of course drawing less power. There are PC laptops whose CPU performance is a little better but it’s marginal and not worth the trade-off in size weight and of course fan noise. Aero 17 HDR Cinebench doors compared to the MacBook Pro 16. It’s pure CPU performance, then we have to give this one to the PC.

Gaming Performance:

Windows dominates. Not only to PCs have access to high-end gaming Nvidia graphics cards but also games run better under Windows on the same hardware as when they are run on Mac OS X.

Fan Noise of Macbook vs Windows:

It’s a win to the Mac of all the PC laptops I’ve tested and I’m including the surface book to surface laptop 3 Dell XPS razor blade nothing is as quiet as the Mac. plus you have excellent fan control apps available to customize the fan curve if you do want the fans to run more for better performance.

Build Quality:

Another winner is the Mac, seriously even the surface laptop 3 can’t compete. In between MacBook vs Windows, MacBook provides better build quality.

MacBook vs Windows Laptop: Which one you should prefer?

Displays of MacBook vs Windows:

This one gives it to the PC. Mac lovers, don’t get too angry hear me out. There are some incredible high-resolution, color-accurate screens available for PC laptops. Additionally, PC laptops have the option of fast refresh rate and OLED screens as well as touchscreens.


Apple still wins here I’ve used some of the best windows trackpads including on the razor blade and the surface lineup, the Mac is still more accurate and the only laptop that I would consider no need to carry a mouse at all.


Just like Apple owns the trackpad category, Windows laptops dominate the keyboard category. You get access to the best keyboards on the market including those from the Lenovo ThinkPad range and the surface lineup. These have deeper and more satisfying travel than even the new MacBook Pro 16. You’ll be able to choose from a massive range of external keyboards including mechanical ones.

MacBook vs Windows Laptop: Which one you should prefer?


Even though Apple dominates the trackpad category, they don’t dominate the Mouse category. Apple’s mice by default use Mouse acceleration which applies a curve to accelerate the mouse as you move it. For anyone who is used to a mouse on a PC, this can feel very discomforting. Especially when gaming we’re predicting the acceleration curve is almost impossible and quite frustrating. Mac OS does not provide an easy way to disable this.

Ports and Sound Quality:

With PCs, you get to choose from laptops with a wide array of ports no need for dongle life, want a laptop with an SD card reader no problem. Apple wins in this category. Apple destroys the PC here the MacBook Pro 16 speakers are on a completely different level.

The ecosystem of MacBook vs Windows:

Pros and cons of each. Yes, the Mac is super easy to use if you’re using all Apple devices but on a PC you aren’t tied down to the Apple ecosystem and you still have great alternatives like using messages Google calm in your browser instead of iMessage, if you’re using an Android phone.

Additional Capabilities:

Even though the MacBook Pro does have the touch bar and touch ID. Windows laptops have more additional features available including touchscreens, pen support, face login, and even a 1080p webcam in the surface book 215.

MacBook vs Windows Laptop: Which one you should prefer?

Price MacBook vs Windows:

It’s a win for the Windows PCs generally for similar hardware Windows laptops are still cheaper even if Apple did give us more bang for our buck with a new MacBook Pro 16. Which now starts with a 512 gigabyte Drive rather than the paltry 256 gigabytes in the older model it replaced. Also what’s wonderful about PC laptops is you have a wealth of options at any price level. You can purchase a cheap 15-inch laptop for under 50000 that is very capable of decent quality. That simply isn’t possible with Apple.


The applications of the MacBook Pro come with our superior to the ones that Windows comes with for example the Photos app which is much better than the windows alternative out of the categories.


If you’re doing any AAA game you get a Windows laptop. For doing a ton of Excel work get a Windows laptop. If you want a big-screen laptop, then it’s a PC laptop for you. If you are super fuzzy and have no tolerance for things like fan noise, the display builds quality or crashing, strongly recommend getting a MacBook.
For Programmers, Photo or Video: It is I’d also strongly suggest you consider a Mac laptop. But if you just want the most powerful components for your buck then Windows laptops are still the way to go. We wish that we solve some of your doubts about MacBook vs Windows.

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