MSI PS63 Modern - 15.6-inch Laptop

MSI PS63 Modern - 15.6-inch Laptop

MSI PS63 Modern – 15.6-inch Laptop: Review

People were interested in the MSI PS63 Modern a thin and light 15-inch laptop with a 25-watt quad-core CPU. And a GTX 1650 max q with 10 hours of battery life and the feedback was very positive. It seems like there is a large group of people who needed a thin and light 15-inch laptop. But most 15 inch laptops at the time use them more powerful 45 watt CPUs like the XPS 15 or the MacBook Pro, battery life suffered. And they had to be a bit thicker and heavier to cool those components.


This thing is now running a faster 25 watts 6 core CPU. The same GTX 1650 max-q and pulls about 10 to 11 hours of battery life from my usage. Although other reviews claimed 12 hours. The charger uses USB type-c and the brick itself is a little bit bigger. But unfortunately, it’s not able to power the CPU and GPU under load. And battery drop from 91 percent to 30 percent after 15 hours of continuous load. It’s not an issue since you’ll never keep it at 100% for that long. Otherwise, you’d buy a more powerful laptop. 

MSI PS63 Modern - 15.6-inch Laptop


The screen assembly of MSI PS63 Modern has a fair bit of flex it’s not as soft as some cheaper gaming laptops. But I would have liked to have seen a stronger display for the price. The keyboard deck has been reinforced so there’s very little flex. Hinge tension is also great. It’s a one-hand open but stiff enough to where if you close it half and you start tapping on it. It won’t fall shut from gravity. However, there is quite a bit of screen wobble which seems to be common with this hinge design.


The keyboard and the trackpad are both quite good, very few complaints. the key travel is rather short the same with the old one and the same with a lot of its competitors like the Zen book 15 and the surface laptop 3. This time around they move the brightness volume and media controls up into the function row. Rather than having them scattered around the arrow keys. The legends are also large and bold. And the four-stage white LED backlighting makes it easy to find all of the keys if you’re not much of a touch typist. It takes around 20 minutes to get used to it. But I enjoy typing on this and I hope they increase the key travel a bit more for the next revision. 


The trackpad uses a very smooth glass surface button clicks are slightly softer than the surface laptop and XPS 15, very similar to the Razer Blade 15 except lighter actuation force but this is much quieter than those two laptops which I value more than button feel if I’m in a class or any quiet environment. Tracking is accurate but the acceleration curve is slightly off despite using Windows precision drivers. It’s fine if I’m moving the cursor across the screen but it feels a bit too sensitive with slower movements.

There’s also a fingerprint sensor in the top left corner kind of strange placement particularly if you’re right-handed. The speakers are about the same as last year’s bottom-firing lack space. I think there’s something wrong with the driver between 700 to 800 Hertz because it creates this loud staticky Distortion. It’s probably just a minute but I don’t have other units to chuck, unfortunately. But even when you ignore that it’s kind of underwhelming even compare to the average speaker and even worse against the surface laptop 3.

MSI PS63 Modern - 15.6-inch Laptop

Display Quality:

Strangely enough, it’s using the same panel as last year but all of my measurements seem to have improved so there’s quite a bit of variation between panels. it’s a 1080p 60 Hertz screen. Brightness is acceptable but not very bright. Contrast is also kind of underwhelming. I expect IPS panels to do around a thousand-to-one contrast but color accuracy is really good. Though and color gamut is also very respectable.
So if you’re doing graphic design or photo editing this would work quite well. The XPS 15 base 1080p screen is now rated for 500 nits. So I’d like to MSI use those brighter panels in their future laptops.

Ports of MSI PS63 Modern:

For ports, you have two Thunderbolt three both can be used for charging, HDMI 2.0, a headphone jack. And on the right, you have two more USB and a microSD slot. I would have liked to have seen one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports moves to the right side. So can charge a laptop from either side as well as a full-size SD slot rather than micro.
On the bottom, you’ll notice that there’s a factory seal sticker. If you break this sticker it voids your warranty. So it can’t show the inside of the laptop but the task manager says that the RAM is dual-channel. At least on the 16-gigabyte configuration and their spec sheet lists to M.2 slots. Which I find kind of funny because we can’t access a second one without voiding your warranty. But if for example a year later you’re buying this off someone used. In that case, the standard when your warranty will have already been over. And then you can upgrade the memory and the storage yourself for cheap.

MSI PS63 Modern - 15.6-inch Laptop


Gaming performance is respectable but ultimately this laptop is geared towards portability at the cost of some performance. Although thermals are actually really good. And have never got close to thermal throttling so compared to the surface laptop 3. It is far better in thermals and performance.

Overview on MSI PS63 Modern:

So recommending MSI PS63 Modern. I think it is fairly simple. If you like the general idea of this laptop. But you care more about the screen the keyboard and the trackpad. I would steer you towards the surface laptop 15 inches. If you care about performance ports and upgradability just at the cost of your warranty get this instead. I know some other laptops are similar to this like. The Zen book 15 also with the GTX 1650 max-q but these two are my favorite of the ones.

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