One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro and Lite: Confirmed

One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro and Lite: Confirmed

One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro and Lite: Specifications

Its official time, the hottest, and one of the most awaited phones of the years are coming, the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 pro, and OnePlus 8 Lite. OnePlus has officially confirmed that all models will have 5G. This is a huge move indeed similar to what Samsung did with their flagship phones. But obviously, the price with the Oneplus devices are going to be cheaper. Especially with the 5g OnePlus 8 lite, it could be one of the cheapest 5G phones on the market. As for the higher OnePlus 8 in the 8 Pro model, they will be more expensive than the last year’s offering as being confirmed by the CEO himself.

One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro and Lite: Confirmed

Price of One Plus 8:

But thank the Lord he also showed that the device will not gonna reach the price of a 70,000 Rupees. They’re still gonna cost less than that. The April model could cost around 45,000 Rupees whereas the non-Pro model could around 35,000 or 40,000 Rupees price for the OnePlus 8 Lite model. As for their release, these devices are scheduled to come to the market in April. But because of the current situation that is going on these devices might get delayed. so we’ll see what’s gonna happen regarding that. in case you don’t know about the specification here’s everything you need to know.


The most amazing thing about the OnePlus a series is that the 90Hz refresh rate is the default level. And with the higher OnePlus 8 in the pro model, you can get the exclusive 120 Hertz refresh rate. According to some alleged live leaks, the software will allow you to switch between 120 Hertz and 90 Hz and 60 Hertz mode to get more battery.
When it comes to real-life, it not seen much difference between 90 Hertz panel versus 120 Hertz. The difference is much more comparable from 60 to 120 Hertz. So 90Hz is still a very sweet spot for good battery life. And at the same time having that sweet refresh rate goodness. Now the light model is coming at full HD plus resolution and with a 90 Hertz refresh rate.

One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro and Lite: Confirmed


OnePlus 8 Lite gonna have 4000 mAh battery according to the image leaked by all leaks. It showed a dual-camera setup on the back. So it could be a wide and ultra winding a lens in addition to a time-of-flight sensor. As for the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro model these devices are similar. They have a bigger display than the OnePlus 8 Lite model coming at 6.6 five inches. Of course, the AMOLED displays with up to 120 Hertz refresher supported. The overall look of these phones will be similar to the OnePlus seventh series from last year. But the major difference will be the elimination of the pop-up camera. The reason why OnePlus did that is because of the IP68 waterproofing. Yes, this time around we could finally see IP68 certification for water and dust resistant.

Charging in One Plus 8:

The OnePlus 8 Pro model is expected to go to the next level by offering the highest wireless charging capability which is 30 watts. And up to 50 watts of insane cable charging. The recent Oppo Find x2 Pro has 65 watts for fast charging. So as you guys already know these are sister companies, so it’s not gonna be surprising if OnePlus does bring 50 watts of cable charging. With the OnePlus Pro model and of course, 30 watts of wireless charging are very impressive indeed. The 120 Hertz display is official as well it could be exclusive to the OnePlus Pro model although according to multiple sources 120 Hz display could also come to be OnePlus 8 model.

We have a 4500 MaH on the OnePlus Pro model which is the highest battery size that OnePlus has ever offered with its flagship phone. so you’re getting that big juice. And it can also gain support up to 50 watts fast charging. Now there’s a special MEMC chip with these displays. They are there to upscale the frame rate of the videos that you’re gonna be watching. So this could be a game-changer software/hardware technique that can make a real difference. The content refresh rate being upscale is something that’s gonna make the whole experience even better.

The camera of One Plus 8:

Now as for the camera specs these are community-based on rumors. We could see a high resolution 64 MP sensor with the Pro model in addition to ultra-wide-angle lens zoom and DOF sensor. The OnePlus 8 is rocking similar stuff with a 48 MP maybe some main lens and missing a DOF sensor. Whereas the light model could only rock two lenses with wide and ultra-wide-angle options. All in all these devices are looking extremely amazing.

One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro and Lite: Confirmed


Once again these devices could be the phone of the year devices. The light model is looking impressive as well.

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