Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumors and Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumors and Leaks

What’s coming new in Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

It’s time to talk about the next level forty future Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, which is now confirmed. As reported on the Samsung Newsroom. They have officially started the mass production for the fastest storage for a flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 20 which is UFS 3.1. And that is up to 512 GB of memory, which is insane.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumors and Leaks

Storage of Samsung Galaxy Note :

So the new UFS 3.1 will make the Galaxy Note 20 family faster than the s20 ultra. Which still has the UFS 3.0 implementation. According to Samsung a, 100 GB file can move in just 1.5 minutes versus four minutes on the UFS 3.0. Stories you’re getting around sixty percent performance upgrade and this could also help in the faster app launch. This confirms the next level for the Galaxy Note 20 family and the galaxy for the second generation. If you guys remember the last year’s fall was the first Samsung device to come with UFS 3.0 storage. So this could come with a fall to as well in addition to the node 20 families.


Now Samsung has done some amazing advancements when it comes to a smartphone camera. And here in 2020, the numbers are as crazy as they will get. But seems like Samsung might go beyond 108 megapixels according to a new report coming from Korea. Chinese brands like Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi have requested Samsung to make a 200-megapixel sensor. But because of technical difficulties that are not possible. But what is possible is a 150-megapixel sensor. According to the report, Samsung is working on the world’s first 150-megapixel smartphone sensor just like they did with the 108 MP sensor. Which was at the time the first sensor ever on a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rumors and Leaks

According to the report, Samsung is developing the world’s first 150 MP smartphone sensor. This is again a rumor coming from Korea. Just like last year’s 108 MegaPixel sensor, which was first featured in a Xiaomi flagship phone. This 150 MP could also do the same. So it might go first on a Xiaomi phone in the second late half of this year. And then eventually we’re gonna see this on Samsung’s flagship phone well. Just like they did with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


They built a custom version of Fayed which they call as HM1 sensor. Now the new 150 MP sensor is said to be bigger. It’s going to have an output of 16-megapixel photos instead of 12 megapixels using the Nona binning technology. And of course in addition to producing full 150 MP photos so the file size will go even higher. The 150 MP sensor may not be a huge improvement compared to the 108 MB of the galaxy S20 Ultra. But it’ll look good for advertising.

Once again it’s rumored that Xiaomi will use this sensor for the first time in the second half of this year. The chances of this coming on Galaxy Note 20 family is very slim. But again Samsung could surprise us. Or else we’re just gonna see this on the Galaxy S 21 most likely. So in the future Samsung will bring even more megapixels to the table.

Connectivity and Battery:

5G will come as standard (it’s a mandatory feature for manufacturers using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset) along with next-gen WiFi 6. As expect the Galaxy S20 smartphones to have the best battery life due to the internal space set aside in the Note line-up for the S Pen. That said, Samsung went big on the battery capacity for the S20s, so assume the Note 20s to get close to these battery sizes:

Confirmed of Samsung Galaxy Note:

But what’s already in the mass production is the UFS 3.1 storage. Which is most likely gonna be ready for the Note 20 family at the launch. Which is gonna happen in August. And it is exciting to see the plans for future Technology.

Samsung Sanitizing Service:

Also in response to everything that is going on in the world, Samsung has decided to protect your phone. There’s a brand new Galaxy sanitizing service that is free. So you can go there and sanitize your phone with the UV light. So if you want your phone to be cleaned in addition to your hands of course then be sure to check out the galaxy sanitizing surveys.

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