Does High Refresh Rate Monitor make a difference in Gaming?

Does High Refresh Rate Monitor make a difference in Gaming?

New 300 Hertz screens that are popping up in all the kind of top-tier gaming laptops. Do they make a difference when it comes to gaming? Because someone that plays games a lot wants to know. Does my gameplay improve? Am I a better player with these faster screens? Will refresh rate making difference in your gaming?

High Refresh Rate:

When it comes to laptops or any kind of digital screen their standard screen is a 60 Hertz screen. So it’s redrawing a refreshing that’s green 60 times a second. So you’re kind of productivity based laptop or like a MacBook or your standard phone has a 60 Hertz screen. A few years ago a gaming laptop starts to get 120 Hertz screens. And that difference between 60 and 120 was massive. Even non-gamers could tell that there was a big difference between those devices. Phones have starting to pick up high refresh screens because their stuff even the UI looks so much better. So over the years, they’ve just gotten faster and faster. So I went from 120 to 144 and then last year went to 240 and now we’re at 300 Hertz.

Companies are trying to sell you something new every year. Does this make a difference during the game? After booting up the MSI GE 66 and installed overwatch. You could immediately tell that something was making this game look extra smooth on this display. It looks on laptop screens particularly good of the GS 66. Overwatch not even getting 300 frames per second. It was floating around 250 260. So it’s not the frame rate that’s doing it. It has a 3-millisecond response time which is relatively fast. For a laptop, 3-milliseconds are fast.

Response Time:

The combination of a 300 Hertz screen along with the 3-millisecond response time makes it something special. So response time is the time it takes for a pixel to change from one color to another. But the way that it’s measured and the way that it’s marketed varies drastically between companies. So it’s difficult to compare the face value of the listed response time of screens from laptop manufacturers. A 300 Hertz and 3-millisecond screen is a better and faster and smoother gaming experience than the past. Which was a 240 Hertz screen and the blade is 7 maybe 6 millisecond response time it is very noticeable.

Does High Refresh Rate Monitor make a difference in Gaming?

Gaming in High Refresh Rate:

It’s very different from shooting something that’s far away in a game. When you’re kind of looking further away and tracking something that’s in the distance, the response rate is as important. When you’re up close and in someone’s grill and there’s a crazy amount of movement happening on-screen that needs a high refresh and low response rate screen. Then there’s just less ghosting and motion blur happening. So after some fairly extensive but very unscientific testing, we can say that these screens can do better. You can hit more shots and performing a little bit better with this faster screen.


It was not an increase in the refresh rate. But it was more the reduction in response time on this 3-millisecond screen. And we hope going forward that manufacturers focus on response time. And like lowering that number from three to two hopefully one instead of just trying to bump up refresh rate. Because we’ve limited the hardware on these devices can only go so far.

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