Galaxy Note 20 Beast from Samsung: Roland Leaks

Galaxy Note 20 Beast from Samsung: Roland Leaks

It probably the first design of the next big thing from Samsung the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. We already expect the hardware specs to Note 20 to be similar to the Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra. They’re still going to be a design visual difference, a difference that will be very noticeable in day-to-day usage.

Roland Leak of Galaxy Note 20:

This is the first time a design-related league is coming. It’s still pretty early. But it’s looking very very promising according to Roland on Twitter.  He says that this is the LED cover for the galaxy note 11 plus internally. Which we know that it’s gonna be called as Note 20 when it’s out.
Just like Samsung changed the naming for the S11 and call it the S20 is pretty obvious. So the case is having a Galaxy Note 10 like shape with boxy corners. And a huge turnout for that 108-megapixel camera setup.

If you look at last year’s flagship note devices the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus both have different camera design compared to the Galaxy S 10 family. And even the year before that with note 9 Samsung had different camera designs. If they always do this at least for the past two years to create that visual difference. There either use vertical cameras for S series and go for horizontal for the Note series. Or it’s the other way around. But there is at least that difference.

The shape of Galaxy Note 20:

The most striking difference will be the shape of the phone so instead of the rounded corners of the S family. We’re gonna have that boxy sharp corner look keeping that no tradition. Now, this could be because of the challenges they’re facing by putting this big camera sensor inside a phone. Or there might be another reason for this.

Galaxy Note 20 Beast from Samsung: Roland Leaks

It will be very interesting to see what more change they’ll do to differentiate between the S and the Note lineup. Perhaps a new kind of display that could put the Galaxy Note 20 in a special place. We saw the trademark of the Samsung BIFF display not long ago.

New in the Galaxy Note 20:

So that could bring something to the table so far UFS 3.1, as well as faster ram storage, is on the menu for the next note beast. Not only that Samsung is internally working super hard on the next big software version the one UI 2.5. Which is said to bring some massive changes.

Not only with the UI but also with the camera. So best believe the camera on the galaxy s 20 Ultra is not at its best right now, it’s gonna get a lot better as the time goes on. And perhaps by the time, the Galaxy Note 20 comes on it’s gonna be in perfect shape.

S20 and S20 Ultra Software Update:

Speaking of software updates Samsung will be rolling out another big camera update for the S20 family. According to ISO neighbors, this will face the software processing issues, and of course the focus even more.

It has been seen that the focus speed has improved a lot. We just want some massive improvements to how the phone handles the shadows when you’re taking pictures in harsh conditions.

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