Gigabyte AROUS 15G: Gaming Laptop with RTX Super

Gigabyte AROUS 15G: Gaming Laptop with RTX Super


Gigabyte Arous 15G is running on i7 of 8 Cores CPU and boost up to 5.1 GHz. Arous 15G has also the cheaper version which has 6 Cores inside of it.


Most of the AAA Games run very smoothly on both of the laptops. They give great FPS on because of the RTX-2070 Super MaxQ that is installed inside of Arous. The performance also increases for software like Adobe Premiere. Because this time Gigabyte offered the Super version of the RTX.

Gigabyte AROUS 15G: Gaming Laptop with RTX Super


Gigabyte also provides you an option to get a 240Hz display. Otherwise, you will have a 144Hz display and a normal 1080p resolution size of the screen. You have to pay more for the extra refresh rate screen that you want.


The Keyboard is the main feature of this device. It has a mechanical Keyboard. Arous 15G has Omron switches and keys have super appealing lights. This one has an impressive keyboard than other gaming laptops.

Gigabyte AROUS 15G: Gaming Laptop with RTX Super

The keys are pop-up out of the keyboard. and that’s why these keys give you a super great feeling while typing. Another thing is the layout of the keyboard.

Arous Software:

It is a full-sized keyboard. And the light is also bright in this keyboard. Arous 15G installed software that gives you to control the lighting of the keyboard. And to control the fan speed and CPU voltage also.


The thermal system of this device is also good. But to achieve that the fans have to work a lot. and that why the fans get a little bit noisy. If you want a great thermal system than you adjust with fan noise also.

Gigabyte AROUS 15G: Gaming Laptop with RTX Super


Gigabyte Arous 15G has a 94 watt-hour battery. And you got around 7 hours of battery life from this laptop for normal use.


The speakers of Gigabyte Arous 15G doesn’t sound that great. But what you expect from a gaming laptop. They are relatively small in size and baseless.


There is an SD Card slot reader, 3 USB, and one USB C. It has also a headphone jack and ethernet port like standard laptops. The webcam is not that excellent on this device and even the viewing angles are not good.

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