Grand Theft Auto VI: In Early Stages

Grand Theft Auto VI: In Early Stages

Grand Theft Auto VI: Of course, the big thing the next Grand Theft Auto VI game has popped up in the news for a reason. Kotaku is Jason Schreyer, who was leaving Kotaku, which is a website. He did an investigative report diving deep into the culture around rockstar games a few months ago. There were reports that crunch culture and all kinds of bad things were there. And now apparently rockstar has stepped it up. And they improved their work culture and improved their working conditions and things like that. Sources from the studio have said that things have turned around.

Of course, the article did mention very briefly that Rockstar is working on the next Grand Theft Auto and of course that’s the big headline here. It’s not an official confirmation but it’s at least from a reasonably trustworthy thing. But the interesting thing here that they are working on the next Grand Theft Auto. But it is very much in the early stages of development. That’s very important to remember here.

Also, they are possibly working on a different release structure. Here’s the actual quote of how it’s going to roll out. A new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is to start with a moderately sized release. Which by Rockstar standards would still be a large game. That is then expanded with regular updates over time which may help relieve stress and crunch during the development process.

So does that mean, Episodic Grand Theft Auto game? That may be something more like Grand Theft Auto Online or it is a single-player release. It’s too early to say. But Rockstar would have some new interesting concept and kind of change the game on how something is released. Grand Theft Auto VI is going to happen one way or another

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