Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Trilogy: Guerilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Trilogy: Guerilla Games

The Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PlayStations games. Maybe next Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is coming with PS5 exclusive.

Sources Confirmed:

So the website name VGC, which has a pretty good track-record is reporting that Guerrilla games planned a trilogy for Horizon Zero Dawn. And the second one can be the PS5 exclusive game.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Trilogy: Guerilla Games

The last game of Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive hit. So this time they may want to deliver a series of Horizon games for the PlayStation 5 exclusive. This is obvious considering we have seen the Guerrilla Games job posting for next-gen developers. They also delete the tweet ‘#PS5’.
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And the biggest thing is coming from sources in the game world of this game. The game-world is going to be much bigger this time of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 of Guerrilla Games.

Co-op for Horizon Zero Dawn:

Co-op in Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be something new this time. This is going to be the cooperative multiplayer future game and fun for next-gen console gaming, the monster-hunting with co-operative multiplayer. Definitely, that co-op for Horizon Zero Dawn is coming, but it is not confirmed that it comes for the story mode or there will be a separate co-op multiplayer.

Last time this game was about the Alloy, who is the young woman on a journey to travel the ancient history of the future Earth. Which is reclaimed by nature? Some machines like animals are controlling on earth.


The sources are also said that this game was coming for the PlayStation 4. But after the huge success of last Horizon Zero Dawn, they thought to release this for next-gen. At some point, they also were thinking to release the preview of the co-operative of Horizon Zero Dawn. But the same thing is still coming is not confirmed. But neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games have officially announced Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

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