iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Leak: Futuristic Design

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Hey Folks, it is Apple’s upcoming design in collaboration with Max Weinbach. It is pretty much what we expected, but there are some key differences between iPhone 11 Max Pro and iPhone 12 Max Pro. It is a 6.7-inches display with flagship design.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Leak: Futuristic Design

Now, it is sleeker than the older one. The better design in every sense and a lot improved, that’s what we expect from the iPhone. The reduction in bezels, a massive camera, and a smaller notch.


Max Weinbach which is a collaboration with the iPhone to make their accessories have leaked design renders. The size of the lens is increased in the CAD leak and it is sleeker than the previous model also. It is 7.4 mm thick. It is thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And this time it is a little wider and taller device in size. The body to screen ratio is higher in the CAD design and also decreases the bezels of the phone which gives it futuristic looks.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Leak: Futuristic Design


The overall lens position in CAD is not correct. But they confirmed that the layout is correct. The Camera layout is 5mm larger in its length and width. And now it is the perfect square if it compares to the older one. The bump of the camera is a little taller if we compared it with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is at 1.26 mm.


The sources confirmed that the notch is a little wider than OnePlus 6. The layout is a little different but it is small in size than the older iPhone. The sides of the iPhone 12 Pro Max are covered with the completely flat glass. The design is 70% complete according to the sources.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Leak: Futuristic Design

Button Positioning:

The button positioning in the CAD design a little lower. As the size of the iPhone is increasing the button positioning is also getting lower. This is a good move to reach the buttons easily. And the SIM card tray is relocated to the other side of the phone.


Max Weinbach is also confirmes that this time they are getting better speakers also with 15-20 % better in loudness and better dynamic range.

iPhone with square design sounds better. The navy-blue color is also coming in the iPhone 12 Max Pro. So let’s see what Apple makes changes in exactly in this iPhone. But this is definite that it is going to be the perfect design in an iPhone.

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