iPhone SE2: New Apple with old Design, Indian Pricing

iPhone SE2: New Apple with old Design, Indian Pricing

iPhone SE2: Brand new iPhone SE2 announced by Apple recently. It is the second model or 2020 version of SE 2. iPhone SE is popular because of its compact design. It is easy to hold, medium screen size and it also has other simple features that most people want from Apple like touch id.
We hear a lot of rumors about this phone and now it is all here. It is a really popular device in the past for those who don’t want a big device to use.

iPhone SE2: New Apple with old Design, Indian Pricing


iPhone SE in the past came with a cheaper price with great specs in it. And we expect this time also from Apple. It looks like the iPhone SE 2 has the body of iPhone 8 but it has pretty much internal hardware of iPhone 11. That means we are going to get Bionic A13 chip inside of this iPhone SE 2. And that is a great thing to have.


The single 12 MP camera is given in the iPhone SE 2 instead of dual-camera lenses or triple-camera lenses. But the main thing is the portrait mode. You are still able to get portrait mode from this device, but there are limitations also because of the lack of the secondary camera. It only works on human faces. And thanks to Bionic chip, you still able to capture 4K video recording.


This time Apple giving the 4.7-inch screen in iPhone SE 2. Therefore it is much easier to hold in hands than other smartphones coming these days. It comes with big bezels and a retina display.

iPhone SE2: New Apple with old Design, Indian Pricing


Apple not only looks like the iPhone 8 but it also has some features like the iPhone 8. Apple gives the home button so you still have the touch ID. This is so good to have because it is very easy to get into the device or unlock the phone. You have also got the wireless charging in iPhone SE 2. It comes inside Wi-Fi 6 card.


This phone is not the same as the iPhone 8 model, there are also some improvements in its design. The logo of the backside is in the center now like iPhone 11. It is clean and just a simple logo and a single camera on the backside of the phone.

iPhone SE2: New Apple with old Design, Indian Pricing


The iPhone SE 2 will come in 3 different colors. That is black, white, and red. These options are awesome in terms of choosing colors.


In terms of battery life, apple improves a lot. And also you get an 18W fast charger inside of the box. Apple claims that it charges your phone half in 30 minutes.


Apple is offering three models of these phones 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. So the pricing start for the basic model is around 40,000 Rupees. Apple with Bionic chip A13 under 40,000 is not a bad deal at this time. That pricing is very enticing for a lot of people out there.

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