Motorola Edge Plus: Flagship with New Features

Motorola Edge Plus: Flagship

Motorola Edge Plus: Motorola is doing well for the past few years. They gave us good mid-range smartphones. But this year they launch a flagship device after almost 3 years. And this time Motorola launches a smartphone with a 90-degree edge display. Motorolla Edge Plus has new cool key features. Also, some other device details are here as:


They are giving the Snapdragon 865 processor in the Motorola Edge Plus. And with this processor, you have 5G support for the smartphone.


The screen size is 6.7 inches. It has a 1080p panel with a 90 Hertz display. But the highlight feature of this display is the edge of the screen. Motorola says that it’s almost a 90-degree bend from the edges.

Motorola Edge Plus: Flagship

Edge Display:

With the edge display, they do a couple of cool things with it. Motorola says this the edge lighting. You can use it as your notification led light. It gives cool lightning effects with phone charging, alarm, or when someone calls you.
Motorola also gives some gestures with edge display. You can double-tap the side of the edge to turn off the edge display.


In Edge Plus, Motorola gives a hole-punch camera of 25 megapixels. Which works on quad pixel technology. For the main camera, it has a 108-megapixel Samsung sensor. And this able you to shoot 6k video with 30 frames per second. We also get here an 8MP telephoto lens and a 117-degree ultra-wide camera with macro mode.

Motorola Edge Plus: Flagship


This phone has 5000 milliamp battery, which Motorola says it can give up to 2 days of battery life. It also supports fast charging with type-c up to 18watts. You can do it wirelessly with the same speed of charging. Motorola Edge Plus also comes with reverse 5 watts wireless charging.

Motorola Edge Plus: Flagship


Motorola claims that the Edge Plus has the loudest speaker on any smartphones. They said that the stereo speakers of the Edge Plus are tune by the Wave Audio. This company has grammy for audio tunning.


Motorola is going to sell this device of 999 Dollars in the US. But there may be another version of Motorola Edge Plus, which is a non-plus version that may be launch soon.

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