OnePlus 8 Pro Review and Indian Pricing

OnePlus 8 Pro Review and Indian Pricing

The OnePlus 8 Pro is a full-blown flagship. We’re talking IP certified water resistance, wireless charging, a flagship camera. This is a good flagship. But it can be also equipped with flagship pricing this year. The OnePlus going to launch this smartphone at $900 outside of India. But they say don’t go by dollars, hints at aggressive Indian pricing. The price of OnePlus 8 Pro can go around Rs. 60,000.


The performance is amazing as you would expect from a Snapdragon 865 with UEFA’s 3 storage and the LPDDR5 X memory. It is a crazy fast phone. There is a chip inside the OnePlus 8 Pro from a company called pixel works, which helps to amp up the visual experience.

OnePlus 8 Pro Review and Indian Pricing

So it does color calibration and upscaling contents to HDR quality content. But it’s got this neat feature called motion smoothing which can reduce any kind of motion blur or visual judders in certain types of videos.

The Camera of OnePlus 8 Pro:

The camera on the 1 + 8 Pro is probably the most important feature. It’s a very big camera bump, especially you don’t have a case on it. They have an excellent camera this year. Truly excellent camera that can sit on the shelf with any of the top-tier flagships.

OnePlus 8 Pro Review and Indian Pricing

The front of this camera does not have a pop-up camera. It’s got a whole-bunch camera. It also has that super macro feature. So you can zoom in on things and see interesting details. The video function is also really good. It is well stabilized, good autofocus and you’re gonna like it.


It’s really good in daylight. It’s sharp, great color and fasts like a super-fast shutter. The ultra-wide is on point. There’s some color shift between the lenses.


The nighttime photos are also really good. All three lenses perform well. OnePlus phones have a bit of an advantage for the type of low-light shooting. The low-light feature on this phone is called the nightscape. The software is really good at just picking out architectural details and amplifying that stuff in low-light. But they just look so good on the OnePlus 8 Pro. They did an incredible job this year.


OnePlus 8 Pro has a 1440p panel with a 144Hz refresh rate. It’s super bright, super color accurate, a top-tier display. It is like a kick-ass 120 Hertz panel.

OnePlus 8 Pro Review and Indian Pricing

You can personally tell the difference between the 120 Hertz panel and the 90 Hertz panel from last year’s OnePlus 7 Pro. But if you jump out immediately the 60 over the 90 or 120Hz, there is a big difference. But if you are fortunate enough to have a device that does have a 90 Hertz panel, don’t let that 120 Hertz jump be the main reason. It’s not the most important feature in the world but it’s just nice to have.

Wireless Charging:

There’s 30-watt wireless charging on this, which is super fast. It feels slightly warmer on the wireless charger which could reduce battery durability over time. But the battery life is great on this device. So this is getting a comfortable 7 hours of screen on time, that’s with 120 Hertz 1440p. If you drop the resolution or drop the refresh rate you just get longer from there. But 7 hours of screen on time with everything turned up, that’s a huge win for OnePlus.


Speakers, so there are stereo speakers. They sound really good. It’s got super-fast face unlock, super-fast fingerprint unlocks and it still has a curved edge. The OnePlus 8 Pro still has a pretty big curve on that edge.

Color of OnePlus 8 Pro:

The phone has a blue ultramarine color and it comes in green also. The visual appearance of that green over the blue is good. But it’s a very nice texture and got a smooth finish. There’s another color variant. And this is called interstellar glow.

OnePlus 8 Pro Review and Indian Pricing


The biggest difference between these phones which is their software. The OnePlus 8 Pro has Oxygen OS, which is much cleaner in nature than any other operating system. If you want the most minimal cleanness experience, Oxygen OS is a winner here.

Conclusion of OnePlus 8 Pro:

There may be going to a huge jump up in price in India. The pricing jump up may come from the IP certification, wireless charging and the biggest portion of that jump up in price is can be the camera. But OnePlus says don’t go by dollars, hints at aggressive Indian pricing. We have to wait for the Indian Pricing. But this is going to be the best flagship on the Indian market for Android users.

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