Playstation 5 Controller First Look: Revealed

Playstation 5 Controller First Look: Revealed

PlayStation 5 controller has been announced officially by Sony. It’s not much sony has kind of been trickling out info for us. But there are some key takeaways here. The PlayStation 5 official dual sense controller.

Design of Playstation 5 Controller:

This is probably the biggest full design refresh of the DualShock yet. Which is surprising. But the design cues here aren’t substantially changed. The curves and angles are different here. Still, if you just take away the black and white and maybe make it all black, it looks much more like the DualShock 4. But you notice the general curvature is specifically around the outside in particular, it’s quite different. The joysticks are now also housed completely in the controller. The round plastic circle things that hold them in are no longer lower than the middle of the controller itself, hanging over.
Playstation 5 Controller First Look: Revealed


The slickest thing is the light now on the sides of the touchpad, that is super nice. It is in a white finish. But how well that white finish will hold up over time though. What greasy nasty mountain dew hands you never know. But other white controllers do fine, so it might not be a big deal.

Ergonomics of Playstation 5 Controller:

It has a more rounded curved shape. Sony said it has been tested on a wide variety of hands and is optimized. But of course, only time will tell when we have it in our hands. That type of stuff he can’t make a judgment on until you hold it.

Playstation 5 Controller First Look: Revealed


It is charged and connected via USB C, the best USB port. This is something that we’ve already kind of known, but it’s nice to see it here in action. Still, the share button looks nice. Although Sony points out that it’s no longer the share button but the create button. It will have the same share button features as well as new stuff. Sony simply hinted at that they’ll talk about more at a later time.

Triggers of Playstation 5 Controller:

Here definitely a change but it’s not an overall change. Still doesn’t look quite a full enough trigger. But in this news-post sony outline what they briefly mentioned in the past. These triggers l2 and r2 will have adaptive triggers built in so you can truly feel the tension of your actions. Like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow. That sounds kind of cool and innovative, they resist how much you can push them for certain points.

Sony reiterated the use of haptic feedback in the controller as well to have more sensitive and more varied vibrations, feeling different textures on different roads and a racing game stuff like that. This is where Sony’s hold dual sense thing comes into play. Because they wanted to incorporate a more of a sense of touch.

Battery and Weight:

Sony has said that they took thoughtful consideration into ways to maintain strong battery life for dual senses rechargeable battery. And to lessen the weight of a controller as much as possible as new features are added. Battery life and weight are of course the biggest things for me and a lot of people. Glad, that they acknowledged weight and battery life.


This controller will have a built-in microphone array. Sony says that it enables players to easily chat with friends without a headset, ideal for jumping into a quick conversation. But of course, if you’re planning to chat for a long, it’s always good to have a headset handy. Hopefully, the push to talk is like the default on.


Glad that we know what it looks like now. Because it’s just something fun to talk about. But also to look at the controller, you can get a glimpse into the design philosophy of the hardware box too. What that’s eventually gonna look like when they reveal that. The controller looks like as we just hope. It feels good to hold and can disappear in your hands when you play. Because that’s the most important thing and we won’t know of course until we get our hands on it.

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