Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Rumors and Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Rumors and Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Finally, we have a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 here. There’s been a while since we have heard the Fold 2 name in the leaks. Along with that, we have a brand new next-generation display tag that could be coming to the future galaxy phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Rumors and Leaks

This is coming exclusively, according to their sources the Galaxy Fold will have a lower price than before. And that is because it’s going to feature a 256 GB of internal storage. If you guys remember the original Galaxy Fold that came with only one storage option that is 512 GB. At the time it was the most expensive smartphone that was ever made by Samsung. On top of that, it was also only available in 5G. But this time around not only we could see a 256GB lower-priced model but also a 4G version of it. Which means it’s going to be more affordable than ever. Now I don’t expect it to be super cheap. It’s still probably gonna cost more than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But still cheaper than ever.

Rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy Fold 2:

It is expected a 7.7-inch display. It could be a punch-hole display at all or if we are lucky we might see an in-display camera system. We don’t have any news on that yet so just keep it with a pinch of salt. May the bundle can resist and will be implemented because it’s kind of weird too early for that in-display set up.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Rumors and Leaks

It is going to offer something that has been only exclusive to the Note family and that is the amazing S Pen. I’m interested to see how Samsung pack S Pen with that crazy folding design. It’s gonna be pretty exciting.

The Specs of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2:

The specs will be very similar to the S20 ultra. So you’re looking at the Snapdragon 865 processor. A camera system from S20 plus, so you’re getting upgrades all over the place. It is excited about this one. Also, we have another awesome news there’s going to be a new color with the Galaxy S20 ultra. And it will be white. It is your noble white color of the Galaxy S20 Ultra that will come in the future. Samsung is launching it in China so most like it will bring this to other markets in the future.

Patent of Samsung:

Another big exciting news is that we have a brand new Patent from Samsung as captured by LetsgoDigital. And of course, it turned into an absolute masterpiece of a concept by the one and only concept creator. This is a new patent from the Samsung display that shows us a phone with a quad curve side. It is kind of similar to what Huwaei P40 designed by even the next level if you look at the sides. And especially if you look at the top the way curving to the back just a little bit space for that bezel.

There are always questions regarding durability and everything. Surely, Samsung will do something. This is too big for the Galaxy Note 20. So most likely Samsung will reserve days for their future phones such as the S20 one or maybe S22 depending on when this is ready.


Considering what Huawei has done with the P40 Pro, Samsung is pretty close and we could see it on the next Galaxy S 2021 smartphones. As a company stands and has to keep moving forward and you guys know it is time for their big design update, we could see Samsung dropping the hole panel in favor of an in-display camera. Because with this page and we don’t see the front camera anywhere. Which is a sign that something has this crazy thing plan. This is looking incredibly awesome and futuristic

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