Windows vs Linux: Why Linux is better than Windows?

Windows vs Linux: Why Linux is better than Windows?

Windows vs Linux: You’ve all used a private pc that runs the Windows Operating System. However what percentage of you’ve got used Linux? If you consider the market share of operating systems for PCs of Windows vs Linux, you’ll see that Windows dominates the market. You’ve all used it, and plenty of you most likely fair-haired the XP version and possibly wasn’t too keen on Windows Eight.

The fact that it comes pre-installed on several PCs you purchase. That stops some folks from the organic process of the OS amendment towards the Linux system. For those, who don’t recognize what Linux system is, It’s conjointly simply an everyday software for your laptop.

Windows vs Linux: Why Linux is better than Windows?



Running a Linux system OS needs less power, therefore in alternative words, you’ll run the system on older pc. So, it’s reliable, straightforward to run, permits you to decide on from several distributions, permits developers to fiddle around, and is free.


One reason folks keep on with what they recognize as a result of moving to a special OS is like finding yourself in a very new atmosphere. You’ll be able to install the Linux system on your pc for nothing. Yes, it is free. putting in a Linux system server is additionally free. The Linux system is an open-source license. You’ll be able to do no matter you wish together with your OS, that is nice for several peoples.

Windows vs Linux: Why Linux is better than Windows?


Linux system encompasses a heap of versions to decide on from. However, the corporate calls them “distributions”. So, you’ve got quite a few decisions of however you wish your OS to figure and what your desktop can appear. As if we say many, we tend to mean hundreds of. Some are additional widespread than others. And if you, therefore, select you’ll be able to prefer a version that’s pretty on the point of Windows in look and feel. If you wish the Apple Mac OS, there’s a Linux system distribution that tries to mirror that.

Vulnerable Attacks:

Another major purpose is that the Linux system is a smaller amount of attacks than Windows. Who’s had a virus before? What concerning therefore notably exhausting to get rid of malware? Who’s been hit so exhausting they felt like taking a hammer to their blue screen of death? However, the approach the Linux system is meant makes it less likely to suffer from viruses. It can happen. However, it happens less on the common pc running Windows.


Variety of Softwares:

There should be a drawback. Well, Windows is, therefore, immense suggests that it’s way more computer application, you’ll be able to run thereon. There are thousands of programs you’ll be able to run on the Linux system for complimentary, and you’ll be able to even get Windows computer application on the Linux system.

Windows vs Linux: Why Linux is better than Windows?

With a small amount of effort, you’ll be able to even have the one that you love Microsoft Word running on your Linux system machine. However dead all, Windows offers a far wider kind of computer application.

Hardware Support:

What concerning the hardware supporting the software? Well, it’s aforesaid within the past you would possibly have hassle obtaining Linux system on a machine, however, that’s an issue of the past. Most machines able to purchase these days ought to be able to run a Linux system while not issue.


We failed to see several negative comments for the Linux system. However, once it involves diversion, the Linux system may be tight software for diversion in Windows vs Linux. Particularly since the amount of Linux system-compatible games is increasing. Because of Valve’s SteamOS being supported Linux. However, Windows is healthier for diversion as games design to run on Windows.


And as we tend to aforesaid at the start, Windows has been a part of people’s lives for several years. Folks recognize what they’re operating with. And although the Linux system offers similar alternatives loads of individuals don’t wish to create the hassle to alter. There’s conjointly the case that for an extended time folks haven’t gone over to the Linux system.

Windows vs Linux: Why Linux is better than Windows?

As a result of they thought it had been just for people that recognize loads concerning computers. There is little question that folks can do some learning. However, you oughtn’t to be a technology major to use a Linux system pc. That said, some folks simply don’t wish to own to be told one thing new.

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