Macbook Pro 13-Inch 2020: A lot of New Things Coming

Macbook Pro 13-Inch 2020

Apple announced Macbook Pro 13-Inch 2020. On the board of Macbook 13-Inch, Apple is coming with a lot of updates this time in 2020. The new Magic keyboard will also come in this 13-inch Macbook Pro and that is a really good thing.

Improved and Old things:


Apple announced that they are using old 8 gen CPU in the 13" Macbook Pro. So many people are disappointed with this. But actually, they are coming with another model of 10 Gen CPU. So the thing is that not everyone needs that much power in Macbook. And if they will use the 10 gen CPU here, the price tag of the Macbook will also increase.
That is why it is a good thing that they use old gen CPU in 13" Macbook Pro. But you still want 10 Gen CPU then pay extra bucks and you can buy a 13" Macbook Pro with 10 Gen CPU.


They are using the Magic keyboard this time. They are using it in 13" Macbook Pro first time. They use it in 16" Macbook Pro first time and then in the 13" Macbook Air. The keyboard has the scissors switch design which is more reliable. 

Macbook Pro 13-Inch 2020 - Keyboard


They are coming with 256 Gigs of SSD storage at least. But if you are going with the 8 Gen processor you can go up to the 2TB of storage and with 10 Gen processor, you can go up to the 4TB of storage of SSD. 


The 13" Macbook Pro has started with 8 Gigs of LPDDR3 RAM of 2133 MHz and it goes up to 32 Gigs of LPDDR4X RAM of 3733 MHz, according to their Model. 

Macbook Pro 13-Inch 2020 - Touch ID


The 13" Macbook Pro is coming with Intel Iris Plus 645 Graphics. So yeah there is also some improvement in the Graphics.
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The display in the 13" Macbook Pro is old 5K but if you want Apple Pro display XDR which is 6K. Then you can buy the most top model of the 13" Macbook Pro.


Battery and Sound:

The battery size of the 13" Macbook Pro is the same as it was in the previous 13" Macbook Pro. And for sound, they come with speakers that can support Dolby Atoms.

Bottom line:

There is no Wifi 6. 13" Macbook Pro comes with old Wifi AC ad 720p webcam. But still, they are coming with a lot of new things and improvements this time.

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