Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: What's New Updates

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: What's New Updates

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Microsoft launches its Microsoft Surface Headphones 2. They follow along with the Microsoft Surface Book 3 in the company's new line-up of products. They are pretty similar to the previous model of headphones from Microsoft. But there are minor updates in the headphones. And the list of the update is pretty good.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2


Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Design

The design of the headphones is pretty the same as the old model of Surface Headphones. You can circulate your cups, they are roomy and overshaped pads. It has super soft material that keeps us comfortable to wear for hours.


Microsoft Surface Headphones has a USB type C connector for charging. There is also a jack to the plugin if you want to connect them with wire. There is also a mute button on the headphones. It also has multiple device support. If you connected with two devices, you can switch easily to another device.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Features


In Microsoft Surface Headphones 2, Cortana improved a little bit. The voice of Cortana much better and smother. As assistance when you turn them on, Cortana tells you that how many hours are left. And the microphone is also good for Microsoft Surface Headphones.

Battery Life:

Battery life also improved in the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2. It can give you 20 hours of battery life. It is not best in class but better than before. Surface Headphones 2 also supports fast charging. 10-15 minutes can provide you, a couple of hours of battery life.

Control of Headphones:

You can control volume from the right side of the headphones. And you can control 13 levels of noise cancellation from the left side of the headphones. You can play next or previous by swiping your headphones. And you can play or pause by touching the headphones.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: Soft Ear Cups

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the Surface headphones is improved but pretty similar to the old Surface headphones. It has pretty good sound quality and instrument separation. The high, mid and lows are pretty good. The high sounded muted sometimes but the overall quality of these headphones is good.


If we compare Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 with other headphones in terms of noise cancellation or sound quality than it is not that great. But at this price point they provide what they can. The price of the Surface Headphones reduced to 250 Dollars from 350 Dollars.

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