Xiaomi Under Display Camera - Under Screen Camera Phones

Xiaomi Under Display Camera

Xiaomi Under Display Camera - Under Screen Camera Phones: The camera hidden under the screen is coming soon. We are really in the future, where companies doing best for future phones. And one of the goals of these companies common, which is hidden and under the screen camera. Maybe we will see the phone with the under-screen camera this year.

Every brand is gearing up for the under-screen camera phones. Nokia and Xiaomi are too close. And try to make the under-screen camera phone is reality. But other brands can also release this phone real soon but Nokia and Xiaomi are only two main brands.

Xiaomi with Under-Screen Camera:

Xiaomi is one of the smartphone brands which shows a working prototype couple of months ago. And the solution to this problem might be ready. So there is a patent which is from Xiaomi. And in this patent, Xiaomi has two patents of the under-screen camera smartphones. 

Under Screen Camera Phones

The device looks pretty similar to the device of the Xiamoi flagship smartphone. But it has no camera on the front screen. It looks full screen and the camera is embedded under the screen. So the camera can be in the center or on the left-hand side.

Problem with the Under-Screen Camera:

According to Xiaomi, they face a lot of problems with these devices. And the major problem was that the pixel with the display blocking the light coming to the front camera. To solve this issue, they use the camera with a bigger sensor. With the bigger sensor, the camera will be able to capture more light than the camera which has a normal sensor.

You will not able to see the camera when you see it on the screen. But at some angle, when you tilt the phone you can be able to see the camera which is under the screen.


Under-Screen Camera is sounded unrealistic. But the companies are so close to making an under-screen camera device. It is also be heard that even, Nokia is also too close to this. It is expected that we will see our first device with an under-screen camera this year.

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