Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google

Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google

Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google: Google changes their marketing rhetoric to something a little more consumer-focused. The blog post that Google post talk about consumer-facing features rather than developer API.

Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google:


Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google-Notifications

Google put ahead of our instant messages and text messages ahead of everything else. It is because person to person communication is more valuable than other things. In the older version of Android, you don't have an organizer of your notifications. 
But in Andoird 11, your notifications organized by other Android 11. The notifications organized in conversation, alert notifications, and silent notifications. You also have the option to access the history of your notifications.


Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google-Smart Screen

The second most important thing that Google change its control. If you long-press your power button, then you can access the smart features on your home screen if you have it. You will also get a shortcut to Google Pay in that smart screen for instant payment.

Quick Media Control:

Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google-Quick Media Control

The other big change is the position of media control in Android 11 Beta. Media controls moved to the quick setting area. This will be default in the future updates. But now, you can enable quick media control from the developer option. It is a nice feature. You can resume any time. Windows of the media control stay from the last you play any video or audio.

App Permissions:

Android 11 Beta: Major Updates from Google-App Permissions

Google also works on its privacy system. Google has all new permission system in the new Android 11 Beta. Google enables one-time permission for the applications when you don't want to give permission permanently.
Another important thing in Google Android 11 Beta is the permission reset. Google automatically revoke permissions for the application you haven't used for a long time. Android tells you when it happens, so you can re-enable it manually if you want to.

There are other minor things that Google changes, but these were the major updates from Google.

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