Apple Glass Leaks: Features, Looks, Design and Announce Date

Apple Glass Leaks: Looks Like Traditional Glasses

Apple Glass Leaks: Features, Looks, Design and Announce Date: Apple Glass looks like traditional glasses. Apple is working for a long time on its Apple glass. Jon Prosser talked about Apple glass in his video. He gives us a breakdown of this device in that video. Jon tells in his video that Apple works secretly on those glass for a long time. The idea of Apple glass does not look original, but it does not look like other glasses. It looks very simple and clean.

Apple Glass Leaks: Features, Looks, Design and Announce Date:

Design of Apple Glasses:

Jon Prosser gives more details about the design of Apple glasses in gadget cast interviews. He says that it looks like traditional glasses. It doesn't look like something crazy, but they are futuristic. Apple glasses come with a new concept with a friendly design. Jon also said that the glasses would sleek and thin. Also Read - Most Excited Features of Apple Watch Series 6: Rumors and Leaks

Apple Glass Leaks: Looks Like Traditional Glasses

As Apple is targetting the masses, the glasses will be friendly design. They don't want to look like Apple glasses crazy. And the price of Apple glasses will 499 Dollars, and there will be a prescription version.
Jon Prosser also said that it would like the Apple watch series zero. It depends on your Apple mobile. It will not process in front of your eyes.

Features of Apple Glasses:

He also said that it would have IEEE 802.11 ay that uses the 60Hz band. It is standard wifi that will come in the Apple glass. It is short-range wifi and perfect for the glasses. That means, Apple iPhone 12 will support the Apple glasses. It can support Apple glasses, whereas older iPhones may not.

Announce Date of Apple Glasses:

Jon said that he saw a prototype in a white and black finish. Max Weinbach says that Apple Glasses sold in the light aluminum finish during the launch of Apple Glasses for the first time. Jon Prosser said that Apple would be going to announce Apple Glasses in October with the iPhone 12.

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