Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: Hands-on Review

Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: Hands-on Review

Apple iOS 14 Beta released: Hands-on Review: Apple just revealed iOS 14 at WWDC. There is a lot to talk about for the update, both big and small changes that Apple did in iOS 14. Here is the first look at the hands of the iOS 14.

Apple iOS 14 Beta released: Hands-on Review

Home Screen:

Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: App Library

Apple introduced an App Library that is a big list of apps in iOS 14. In the App Library, the apps organized automatically. This is the first time that Apple has the app drawer in its iOS 14. And in the search bar, you will also get results from the web.

Improved UI:

Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: Facetime

There are a bunch of UI changes in iOS 14 for the users. When you got a facetime call, it doesn't cover the whole screen. It just gives you a dropdown notification. You can accept or reject the facetime. Now you even can minimize facetime and go to the home screen.


Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: Siri

They also introduced a picture-in-picture screen. Now you can see apple tv or another video app in picture-in-picture mode. Also, Siri minimized a little animation at the bottom. It doesn't cover the whole screen when you use Siri. The answer to Siri is pop up on the screen.


Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: Widgets

Widgets are not still like the Android level. You can't put them anywhere you want or resize them. But at least you can add the widgets on the home screen at some level of freedom. All the widgets are first-party apps from Apple.

Other Features:

Stock Translate App:

Apple introduces a Stock Translate App, which is great. It does support several languages. And, now we can change the default apps in the iOS 14. We can change the default mail or music apps.

Mapping Tap:

Apple iOS 14 Beta Released: Mapping Tap

Now you can map double-tap or triple-tap buttons for the iOS 14 to a shortcut. You can map it to open Siri, take a screenshot, or open a camera. You can tap on the back of the side of the Apple, it happens.

Sound Recognization:

Another feature is the accessibility feature for the people of hearing loss. After turning it on, this will send you a notification when it recognizes the important sound.


There is another privacy feature on the Apple iOS 14. Whenever any app access the camera or microphone, iOS 14 will tell you. It shows little green light to the notification corner for the camera and orange light for the microphone. 
In the camera app, it gives you a gyroscopic guide for the night mode camera to click a picture.

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