Apple iOS 14 is Coming Soon- Features and Release Date

Apple iOS 14 is Coming Soon- Features and Release Date

Apple iOS 14 is coming soon- Features and Release date: iOS 14 can bring changes to your home screen, and you may change your default apps. Apple releases new iOS alongside the new iPhone. Maybe it happened in the past. But this year maybe we have to wait for the iPhone 12. Therefore Apple maybe launches iOS 14 before the launch of the iPhone 12. So it is still a possibility that Apple launches the public version of iOS 14.

Apple iOS 14 is coming soon- Features and Release date:

Home Screen of iOS 14:

Let's look at the screen. For the first time, Apple iOS 14 home screen looks different. According to the 9to5Mac, users can get the option to organize the apps in the list view in the Apple Watch. You have the option to the list view for the apps instead of the grid view.
Also, You have the option to organize them according to most use or unread notification.

Default Apps of iOS:

Apple iOS 14 is Coming Soon- Deafault Apps

Another feature iOS 14, you may change the default apps according to your use. Since the first iPhone, Apple force to use its default apps. But now you may able to change the apps according to your comfort. Now, most of the users have used it. But still, it is one of the biggest changes.

Messenger App:

Apple iOS 14 is Coming Soon- Messenger App

Messages also get new features in the upcoming Apple iOS 14. You can mention someone in the group as same as other social media platforms. With the symbol @, you can mention someone in the chats. It also gives the ability to retract the message. You can mark as unread in the messages from the iOS 14.


Multitasking may be another feature from the Apple in the iOS 14. Ben Geskin posted a video about iOS 14 multitasking on his twitter page. He tells in the video how multitasking in the new iOS looks. But it is still not confirmed. It can be true because of the iPad's big screen.

Translator in iOS 14:

Apple iOS 14 is Coming Soon - List View

In iOS 14, you also get the feature to translate your articles in between two languages. You can do that without reloading that page. You can use this feature offline as well as on the other apps.
Another feature is the accessibility feature that 9to5Mac mentions. It will detect important sounds like door knocks, fire alarms, and doorbell for the people of hearing loss.

New Apps in iOS 14:

The new apps are coming with the new iOS 14 in your Apple device. One of them is a fitness app. This app will guide you for Yoga, Workout, Swimming and Running, etc. This fitness app is almost a trainer on your device. Another app might the augmented reality app. This app will be useful to view price, information, or compare to the other products that products in front of you.

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