New PlayStation 5: Design, Accessories, and Features

New PlayStation 5: Design, Accessories, and Features

New PlayStation 5: Design, Accessories, and Features: Sony finally revealed its new PlayStation 5 Design that looks very cool and futuristic. So there are going to be two different versions of the Play Station 5. The first one is the standard version, and another one is the Digital Version. The standard version is going to run games from the disks, and another one is fully digital.

New PlayStation 5: Design, Accessories, and Features:


New PlayStation 5- Design

The design of the Sony Play Station 5 looks very futuristic, and it has a curve design. The glowing strips over the sides of the Play Sation look very cool. The digital version is more symmetrical than the other one. It doesn't have the extra component on the sides.
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New PlayStation 5- Versions and Features

Sony also announced the 4K Blu Ray Player in the Play Station 5. This was the big feature missing from the Play Station 4. We will also be going to see the ultra-fast SSD in the Play Station. This thing can completely change the way of console gaming. SSD lower the loading time of the games even more.
We will also have the feature of ray tracing in the upcoming Play Station 5. The graphic is going to be much improved. The reflection and the light are going to be on another level, thanks due to the ray tracing. It will bring the graphic of the games into realism.


Play Station 5 - Compatibility

Play Station 5 has 8-Core AMD Zen 2 CPU, custom RDNA based GPU. We will get 10.28 teraflops, and it has a capacity of 825 GB SSD. We will get 5.5 GBPS speed. We are getting a really good configuration in Play Station 5.
Sony also tell that we can also play Play Station 4 games in the Play Station 5. We wish we can play most of the titles on the Play Station 5 of the previous Play Station. It shouldn't be limited to most of the titles.


Play Station 5 - Accessories

So there is also the accessories that are coming on the Play Station 5. Firstly we will be going to see the dual sense controller. The controller has some cool features like haptic feedback, build-in microphone, and motion sensor. You also get Pulse 3D wireless headset, HD camera for streaming, and a media controller device. You also got a dual sense charging station for the controllers.
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We don't know much about the pricing of the Play Station. We think that the pricing start of Play Station 5 is from the 500 Dollars for the digital version and maybe 600 for the other one. But who knows. We have to wait for a little much for the pricing and its releasing date.

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