Upcoming Games for Playstation 5: Sony Reveal Trailers

 Upcoming Games for Playstation 5: Sony Reveal Trailers

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5: Sony Reveals Trailers of Games: So finally, Sony revealed the Play Station 5 hardware design. The design looks futuristic of the Play Station 5. But Sony also announced the games of the Play Station 5 at the Play Station 5 event. Sony reveals the trailer of the games.
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They reveal the trailers of a total of 27 games. So we will talk about the top 10 the most-awaited and popular games in this article. By the way, there are lots of games coming to Play Station 5. These are only the most popular titles. The links of the trailers of the games are given in the titles of the games.

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5: Sony Reveals Trailers of Games:

Spider-Man: Miles Morales:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the sequel of the spider-man Play Station 4 game. Spider-Man of Play Station 4 is a super hit game. So we have a decent expectation with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In this version of the game, Miles Morales teased as Peter Parker's new superpowered apprentice.

Horizon Forbidden West:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West will be a big game when it came out. It is another single-player game. Horizon Zero Dawn was a great game in terms of variety and experience. It was a fresh and interesting game when it came. So the expectation from the Forbidden West is high. Horizon Zero Dawn is continuing the game in part 2. The United States is the new area to explore in the game.

Gran Turismo 7:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Gran Turismo 7

We don't get a massive amount of detail howsoever gameplay footage is beautiful. If we talk about the environment of the game that looks so improve. The light and shadow in the game look real. Thanks to Ray Tracing. Gran Turismo 7 will also be a Play Station 5 exclusive.
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Resident Evil 8:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Resident Evil 8

The trailer of Resident Evil 8 will blow your mind. This game looks great. This game will be going to be the best supernatural game for Play Station 5. The name of the game first appeared village then it turns in to Romans VIII. That means the 8 part of Resident Evil. Resident Evil 8 will come around 2021.

Hitman 3:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Hitman 3

The trailer of the game looks like a graphical powerhouse. But this game is going to be big in other terms also. The Hitman is a big stealth franchise. The trailer shows that Agent 47 has the biggest contract ever. This game will be going to release in January 2021.
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Demon Soul's Remake:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Demon Soul's Remake

This game starts the trend of souls. It is different from the Dark Souls. Demon Soul's Remake looks goofier slightly. But we have to say that Demon Soul's Remake looks beautiful. This game has the journey as same as before. We do not have the release date for it yet.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | GTA V

Most of the people think that Rockstar will launch the Grand Theft Auto 6 with Play Station 5. But the thing is that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in the early stages. That is why they are launching the Enhanced version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 for the Play Station 5. We can't expect the Grand Theft Auto 6 before 2022 to 2023.
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Project Athiya:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Project Athiya

Project Athiya looks fast-paced for Square Enix's title that has a Final Fantasy XV look. The environment is very reminiscent of the game, but the game looks different a little bit from Final Fantasy. It gives a different color to the game. The release date of the game is not given.


Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | Returnal

"Returnal" is a thriller game, a story about an astronaut who lands on the planet and dies. She continuously lives on the cycle of living on the planet and dying again and again. It is a third-person shooter game. It is another Play Station 5 exclusive game.
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Destruction All-Stars:

Upcoming Games for Playstation 5 | All Stars Destruction

"Destruction AllStars" looking coolest driving game. It looks like the physics playground. Destruction AllStars is a multiplayer game of Play Station 5 that looks like fun. In this arena destruction game, people can get out of the car. So Play Station doing work in multiplayer games.

The list of the other games that will also come for Play Station 5:

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